Second Arachnid War

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Second Arachnid War

Postby Club on Mon 17 Aug 2009 21:51

Second Arachnid War: Although they were thought to have utterly perished in ISW4, some surviving Bugs tried to revive their former empire eighty years after that conflict ended. Early discovery by the Reformation Group (a Fringe world polity) halted their efforts only after the Pan-Sentient Union sent major fleets to bomb them into oblivion. Revelation of the uber-tech and crab-like Tolat race took place during this conflict, which lasted four years.

Found the blurb on the web.
I think it would be fun to brainstorm as if making a scenario pack for Ultra Starfire.

points of consideration:

How big would the new arachnid empire be? They would have to be paranoid about running into their old 'friends', but they still would want to expand.

Who would the allies be? The Pan Sentient Union, (At this point functionally separate navies, the KON/GSN and TFN), Crucian Union and Zarkolyan fleets, Ophiuchi OADCN, Terran Republican Navy, and Rim Republic Navy. Toss in the Thebeans for chuckles, as according to the Insurrection pack they're back in the game. Everyone mentioned hates bugs, but how much could/would each navy commit

What tech would everyone have? The TRN and RRN would have the newest stuff, but others have their specialties.

How much would the Arachnids change their design philosophies? I can't see them trying to build another slow steamroller navy when they now know that there are forces out there they just can't roll over. OTOH, they do/did like specialized sub-fleets.

I now roll the ball to someone else.
TAG: As I understand it, he sought to avoid turning one-point-six trillion Terran sophonts into undead, war-mongering super-soldiers.
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Re: Second Arachnid War

Postby Cralis on Mon 17 Aug 2009 23:05

Moved to the COSMIC STARFIRE forum. All Weber history is now under the domain of COSMIC!! :-)

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Re: Second Arachnid War

Postby Crucis on Mon 17 Aug 2009 23:30


Let me pick up this one, since the Canon History is the province of Cosmic Starfire, and the Lead Designer, as well as chief cook and bottlewasher for Cosmic. :)

Let me address a number of points...

First of all, the site that you linked belongs to a friend of mine who has his own, completely unofficial future history for the Alliance races post-Insurrection that includes the events listed on that page. However, it should be understood very clearly that his vision is entirely unofficial and does not represent the direction that I hope to go. None of the new races and new polities mentioned in his unofficial history should be considered official.

Secondly, there is no "Crucian Union". Never has been, neve