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Re: Starfire novels

PostPosted: Tue 07 Sep 2010 22:19
by AlexeiTimoshenko
Club wrote:I tend to agree. "Oh no, we don't understand the new aliens, and they're indifferent to losses" Is less than original. Add a 'human plot' largely soap, and a reliance on tech for 'tactical plot.'

The books I would want to see are the early ISWs, especially ISW 3. Doubt it's going to happen though.

I'm in the process of writing a novella covering Earth history primarily from FGE Hermes finding the Centauris warp point to the first battle of VX-134. Currently working on a first draft and my authors notes. I'm trying to be a faithful to existing canon as possible based mostly on the timeline from Nexus 6 and ISF. If time permits I'll try to post some of my authors notes including FGE/TFN survey ship data (designs based on original 3rd ed rules) and design philosophy as well as my rationale for changing some well known terms over the weekend. I may also try to post the prologue to the story which is heavily based on Weber's timelines. I'm writing this story as "future history" rather than an alternate universe so some events originally printed in Nexus 6 and ISF have been changed (ie. no lunar bases at Tycho/Copernicus and Russia replacing the Soviet Union in the Great Eastern War). This is my first attempt at creative writing on this scale ( longest previous project was about 10 pages for Warhammer 40k almost 6 years ago and that was hand written for a contest) so please try to bear with me.

Extremis May 2011

PostPosted: Thu 09 Sep 2010 22:43
by xzvfstarfire
Amazon has Extemis available for pre-order with cover art. Looks like it is the sequel to Exodus.

Re: Extremis May 2011

PostPosted: Sat 11 Sep 2010 18:33
by dazrand
xzvfstarfire wrote:Amazon has Extemis available for pre-order with cover art. Looks like it is the sequel to Exodus.

Hmm, estimated publication date is May 2011, so the manuscript hasn't even been turned in yet. Here is to hope they get it in on time.