Revenge Part I

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Revenge Part I

Postby PracticalM on Sat 18 Jul 2009 09:16

This is a write up of what happened in a game where we tested the auction rules for Ultra that I wrote up. We all started at EL8 with only a few worlds. Income was tight and having large fleets was basically impossible. This made NPRs very dangerous so becoming friends with them was more important than normally.

On turn 24 my Maintenance was 41% of my total income and I had
92 Survey EX
3 Tugs 2 CL 1 BB
8 Courier Ships EX
2 CL - SYM
1 CT Mg tender
9 CT buoy tenders
3 Carriers 2 GB 1 FQ
1 ast carrier
2 Fleet scouts
6 DDs
10 BCs
4 BBs
1 SD
a few BS0 bases for defense and a bunch of BS0 CC bases

About 70% of my maintenance cost was in war ships.

One of my survey probes was killed and this was my response. Taught a lot of people to have better planetary/shipyard defenses once they heard about it.

BC Koan-class BC AM1 13-XOb 80 HS/39 TS
[5] S2x16A2x16ZeHQaQaQeSraSra(DFSa)(IeIe)(IeIeIe)(IeIe)(IeIeIe)(IeIe)DbMgsMgPtbx3M1YeDb?aQePtb(IeIeIe)Ptb [6/4]
Trg:2 Def-1 PV=96 Cost= 1728/259.2 SL9 {ULTRA}
68 HTK S2x16 Srax2 A2x16 Dbx2 ?ax1 Ptbx5 Mgx1 Hx1 (DFSa)x1 Yex1 Zex1
BBf PathTreader BBf 100 1807.0 271.1 XObx16 [4] S2x10 A2x10 HQeQeQe(IcbIcbIcb)(IcbIcbIcb)(IcbIcbIcb)MgMg(Bga)x8 (Bla)QeDbDca(IcbIcbIcb) [4/4]

BBf PathTreaderF BBf 100 1807.0 271.1 XObx16 [4] S2x10 A2x10 HQeQeQe(IcbIcbIcb)(IcbIcbIcb)(IcbIcbIcb)MgMg(Bfa)x8 (Bla)QeDbDca(IcbIcbIcb) [4/4]


“Stand by for WP transit in 30 seconds.” Captain Jusop announced to the crew.
He turned to Admiral Yavurt and reported, “All is well with the ship, Admiral. Second shift crew are preparing simulations to deal with the enemy ships. They may be twice the size of our good Panther here, but their speed is no match for ours. And there was no report of the enemy having attack small craft. Our Gunboats should be a complete surprise to them.”
“Not a complete surprise, Jusop,” replied the Admiral. That they can build ships beyond our own building capacity indicates that that they will have surprises for us. What we must do is destroy their shipyard capability. We must revenge our fellows who perished on our unarmed and defenseless survey ship. But we must not blind ourselves and believe we are dealing with mere animals.
“But I don’t expect many surprises from a species that meets a small EX class vessel with 2 SD, 2 DN, and 2 BB class vessels. If they were going to be hostile, why didn’t they just attack with the smallest amount of force necessary to do the honorless deed? By revealing to us their combat ability, it gives us an advantage.
“The apparent lack of small craft and smaller ships gives us an opportunity to dodge around their slower vessels and deliver our Gunboats to their shipyards. Our higher strategic speed means we can let them chase us around their system while our small craft launch an attack against their ship building complex.”
The Admiral did not let the battlecruiser’s transit through the warp point stop his lecturing. As expected there were no enemy ships in sensor range of the small fleet. The was a small chance an enemy survey vessel could have been some where near by, but the odds were small enough and little could be done to stop the enemy from giving warning.
It would have been even better if the enemy knew what was coming and tried to come out to meet the Diplomatic fleet the Concordat had prepared.


“Coming up on 90 light minutes from the planet, Captain,” announced the navigation officer.
“Thank you, 3rd Navigator,” replies Captain Jusop. “Helm, increase speed to full strategic, drop Low Detection Operations. The planet can see us now any way.”
“Comm, tell the carriers to be ready to launch all Gunboats and Fighters,” commanded Admiral Yavurt. “We need to draw the enemy out to us so the small craft can do what they came here to do.”
“Sensor ship reports, enemy vessels detected, Captain,” reported the Communications Officer. “It looks like our approach caught them off-guard. They are 80 LM away and have started an intercept course. It looks like 4 SD, 2 DN, and 3 BB. It looks like they are moving at full tactical speed.
“Excellent, continue to approach the planet,” said the Admiral. “I want to get as close as I can before we launch the small craft. The fighters will need every hour of life support to get back to the carriers.
“Tactical, calculate when will the enemy ships be at 60 tactical hexes. We’ll launch small craft and then turn to draw the enemy away from them.”
“Yes, Admiral.”

“We have several choices Admiral, but the best option looks like the launch small craft at 50 LM from the planet,” said the 1st Tactical Officer. This will allow us to keep the enemy ships at 15 LM and give our slower carriers the best chance to run to the rendezvous point while we attempt to delay the ships chasing us.”
“Delay those monsters?” questioned the 4th Helmsman. “Their smallest ship is 25% larger than us and their total force is 4 times our fleet’s tonnage.”
“Belay that talk, Helmsman,” commanded the Captain. “We are faster tactically and strategically, we expect that the enemy SD vessels are the only ships that can fight in the same range as our Plasma Torpedoes. That’s only a 2 to 1 tonnage disadvantage in the range band we are fighting at.
“Our mission is to strike at the shipyards. Everyone one of us is expendable if necessary to complete that mission. We need to keep the enemy occupied until they don’t realize the danger to their ship building capacity. We need to buy the Concordat time to build more ships to fight this enemy.“

At 50 LM from the planet, the 2 carriers launch their small craft and turn away from the planet, to draw the chasing ships away. The 4 battlecruisers turn with the carrier and prepare for the coming lopsided battle.
The Fighters and Gunboats race towards the planet and 2 SD and 1 DN turn to chase after them. Also detected are 6 Fighter squadrons coming from the planet. There is a quick battle between the Fighters and the Concordat small craft. Ending with 2 Concordat GB squadrons destroyed and 1 damaged, and 6 Concordat Fighter squadrons damaged, for all enemy Fighters destroyed. The battle raged for 2 minutes in the forefront of the chasing SD and DN vessels. The Concordat force couldn’t let the Gunboats slow down, but the Concordat Fighters were able to maneuver into superior positions.
The small craft reach the enemy planet and find a SS with 2 military complexes. They fire into them at long range and do not manage to drop the shields on the first strike. After 2 minutes of firing, the pursuing ships finally are in range to attack the Concordat small craft and they begin a deadly dance. The small craft move to create the maximum Engine Modulation to confuse enemy targeting. After over 5 minutes of combat, the enemy shipyards have been reduced by 23 shipyards. There are no more Concordat small craft left in the enemy system.

The Concordat Admiral watched the data come in from the battle around the SY. “We won’t get them all, but we got enough to even the odds. Break off the attack, retreat to the WP at max speed, we’re faster than the enemy so if they want to burn out their engines they are welcome to try. They should lose engines before we do. We’ll be back to this system to finish the job we started.”

This is just the first course of the Concordat revenge.
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Re: Revenge Part I

Postby krenshala on Sat 18 Jul 2009 15:02

heh, nice raid. how many SY did you manage to destroy before you lost all the gunboats and fighters?
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Re: Revenge Part I

Postby PracticalM on Sat 18 Jul 2009 19:03

Oops that should have been 23 destroyed. 46 at start so just about half for the cost of 8 GBa, 8 FQa, 2 carriers and I lost a BC trying to get tricky.
Jeffrey Kessler
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Vice Admiral
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