A Gauntlet of Teeth

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A Gauntlet of Teeth

Postby Starfire on Tue 21 Jul 2009 08:49

I believe this Story / Scenario was written by Kenneth D Rotar a long time ago though I readily admit I could be wrong. I also think that it is not quite finished either and the formating below for some stuff probably sucks.

A Gauntlet of Teeth

In the pre-insurrection era, raiding was common. Not because the it was unstoppable but rather because the command structure of the TFN, mostly corporate worlders, didn't care that the Rim world were being raided.

Commodore Appleton really liked life on this particular day. Appleton leaned back in his command seat and surveyed his new bridge with his green eyes. Everything sparkled from the deck floors to the lighting emplacements in the ceiling. He examined his young crew, may whom transfered with him from the Battleship Britannia II. They were a bit on the young side and almost done of them had seen combat. He thought they might do well but he expected to have to run more training exercises than normal during this cruise.
He relaxed as he ran his fingers through his space-black hair. It wasn't every day that you got to command your first squadron of ships. Admittedly it wasn't much of a squadron compared to the one's he'd fought with at the end of ISW-4 but it was his squadron. He also didn't except to run into any trouble as the mission was a simple sweep of the Golbe Cluster for pirates. His only serious concern was running into a Tangri Raiding squadron. Still, he had a great deal of confidience that his 12 ships would, in all likely hood, scare away any raiders. Pirates just didn't go around messing with Cruiser squadrons.
"{Enemy} Cruiser one attempting to RAM off the port side!" Tactics Officer Magillin said with a bit of concern.
"Target that ship and fire" stated Captain Hoyle.
"Incoming capital missiles from ahead, sir, point defense engaging" said Ensign Tevors
"Roger Ensign" keep me informed.
"Shields down Captain!" Tevors said.
"Cruiser number three closing from ahead, sir" said Magillin. "They may also be trying to ram."
Silence reined for 20 seconds as the blue and red dots in the tactical holomgram display moved. Some were ringed with yellow indicating shields down, some ringed with orange indicating internal hits and some had the deep red rings of a serverly damaged ships. Appleton knew that the fight was close but leaning toward a TFNs victory. The Tangri attackers only had 16 Crusiers to the group's 2 battleships, 4 battlecruisers, 3 cruisers and 3 light-carriers. While missile fire and a fighter strike disabled 7 cruisers , the other 9 had swept-in firing their deadly energy beams. Two of the battlecruisers were already destroyed, the fighters out of action, and the flagship was taking heavy fire. All the other ships were heavily engaged.
"Take us vertical" Hoyle commanded.
"Vertical, Aye Captain"
Appleton caught the eye of the Communications Officier Darthew and drew his finger accross the throat. Darthew turn to his com-board and type in a command.
"We're caught in a Tractor beam, Captian" reported Magillin.
"From where?" ask Hoyle with a hint of exaspration.
"Astern.....enemy firing primary beams.........(CIC) is out, Datalink is down, and three force beams destroyed!!"
The lights on the bridge dimmed, then flickered, and finally went out. Emergency lights clicked in showing a bridge crew totally stunned except for two people.
"The lights went out" stated Hoyle with wonder. Five seconds later, he recovered.
"Situation Report, Tactics!"
"Speed reduced to 4, datalink out, Cruiser one has been destroy while attempting to ram. Cruiser three is on a collision course, weapons engaging! Crusiers 4 through 9 engaged by the rest of the group"
"Where is Cruiser 2?"
Appleton adjusted the tactical-display controls and spoke for the first time during the battle. "Check the full holo-display captain."
Hoyle looked closely and shook his head. Crusier number two was directly astern by only 1,000 km and closing rapidly. Collision was immanent and he had not seen it coming. Appleton declared that cruiser two had rammed and destroyed Hoyle's ship. The simulation continued as the bridge watched the other battleship get rammed and energy beam fired devastated the rest of the group. True the supposed Tangri had lost 12 cruisers and the remaining two were badly damaged. But that didn't help because the TFN usually won this simulation.


Later that day, Appleton considered his mission. His orders were flexible in that he could navigate the systems in the Golbe Cluster in any order he choose but he did have to give a brief survey of all the systems including the out of the way AG-37. Worse, he was required to operate under cloak for almost the entire time in hopes of surprising the pirates and getting close enough to grind them up.
Amanda Golbe must have had a sense of humor when she named the stars in this cluster, since she named the ones with habitable world in them; Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and Rudolph. Appleton remembered that those were the names of the reindeer from an old nursery rhyme. Still, they were better names than the other names of this cluster: AG-20 through AG-28, AG-30 through AG-32, AG-34, AG-35, AG-37. Sometimes he thought survey command was crazy the way they had designated stars.
All in all it was a pretty typical cluster with 23 planets and only 5 exits. Yet, somewhere out there was an unknown closed warp point that the Tangri kept raiding through. The raids occurred mostly in the non-inhabited systems, preying on unarmed merchant ships. The government insurance corporation was monthly reimbursing ship owners for losses. The only thing that prevented all out war was the Tangri's careful way of limited raiding. They rarely destroyed a ship unless it was a escort. And the civilians were only too willing to stop and be boarded after they were caught and the escorts destroyed.
In the end, he thought the best way to go was to do AG-37 near the beginning of the trip as Rudolph had been raided twice in the last 8 months. It had also been nearly a month since the last Tangri raid and being in the Rudolph area seemed the best place to be.
He just could not understand why the TFN did not assign some of the main battle fleet to help patrol this system. There were 20 billion humans in this sector. It certainly deserved more than a reinforced Cruiser Squadron; Yet the corporate world leaders didn't seem to care about raiding in the rim as long as their profits were protected. There certainly was not any raiding going on around the corporate worlds systems. They all had check points and weekly patrols. It would take almost a full year for his squadron to patrol each star in this cluster. Appleton did have one small advantage, the shipyards at Comet had been working his squadron and all ships had the ability to cloak. Strangely, that would get him in trouble.

* * *

Appleton's Intended Route of Flight
Comet--Prancer--AG27--Donner--AG21--Rudolph--AG34--Rudolph--AG35--AG37--AG35--Rudolph--AG20--Vixen--AG22--Vixen--AG23--Vixen--AG24--AG25--Blitzen--AG31--AG28--Cupid--Dancer--Dasher--AG26--AG30 --Donner--AG27--Prancer--Comet

* * *

After three months of intensive drills, the squadron functioned well. They were ready for a battle. However, they were not ready for the battle they got and it was in AG-37 that disaster struck.

* * *

Appleton had almost decided not to completely patrol the dead-end system of AG-37 but his devotion to duty and orders won out over the savings of a week of time. Even then the disaster that stuck could have been avoided.
AG-37 is in a cul-de-sac two systems deep. The original surveyors had surveyed this system more than 30 years ago. They had seen the yellow star and hoped to find a habitable planet. Their hopes were quickly dashed when they found tiny O2 planets in the biosphere and the survey had revealed no exit warp points. The months they had spent surveying must have felt worthless.
Appleton's orders were to due a close pass to all O2 habitable planet looking for a pirate base. TFN command did not think that major pirate based would be on asteroids, which were considered to be too small, nor on O1 planets or moons, which were considered too expensive. The close pass revealed nothing dangerous on either to the closest gas giant's moons nor the two tiny O2 planets in the biosphere. So the fleet headed for the last Gas Giant in the system. As the fleet approached the asteroid belt on the way to the last gas giant, Appleton, in the tradition of all navy commanders since nearly the beginning of time, decided to throw a little surprise at the fleet -- A drill!
After a private meeting with the sensor officers and captains of all the ships, Appleton arranged for an "hidden, drive field down fleet" to be placed on the sensors and that would attack as the fleet approached the asteroid belt. This took a while and by 11:03 AM the drill was ready.

* * *

Appleton waited patently on the bridge despite knowing about the coming "attack."

Finally Ensign Tevors manning the sensors noticed something. "Captain, you had better have a look at this. I think that there are some ships in the asteroids ahead." said Ensign Tevors
Captain Hoyle walked over and peered at the display. After 20 seconds, the sensor officer flipped the switch that started the attack.
Ensign Tevors exclaimed "Damn! They spotted us though the cloak! Look at all those drive fields!" as the false sensors played their tune.
"Red Alert! All hands to battle stations! Activate the tactical hologram."
"Aye Captain"
The display flickered to live and the the 3d display showed how bad the situation was. Over 100 enemy ships were hidden in the asteroid field and they were only 15 light minutes from his command. Fortunately, none of them were larger than a DD but every ship out there was faster than his fastest ship and some were almost twice as fast as his battleships.
Hoyle analyzed the display quickly and started issuing orders to the fleet. "Turn us away from them, tight formation -- heading 240 mark 030. Target the escorts first and fire when ready. Arm and launch fighters with fM3s.anti-shipping strikes."
It took the fleet flagship an agonizing minute and a half to prepare for battle. By then two of the CVLs had launched fighters and more than 50% of the other ships were ready to fight. In fact, the first salvo of Capital Missiles from two active BCs had already destroyed two escorts (really asteroids).
"Commodore Appleton, come here!" the sensor officier almost shouted. Captain Hoyle look momentarily annoyed at the breach of protocall but continued to issue orders. "Drop the cloak and prepare to jam enemy ECM."
The battle raged on as Appleton and the sensor officier looked at the real sensor images. What they saw was disturbing. "Captain, come here." Hoyle walked over to the sensor station. Appleton spoke softly but with concern "Captain, the battle is a simulation. But look at this. I make that out to be 3/8ths of a kilometer long and it's moving, quickly -- toward us."
"What is it?'
"Darned if I know but it looks live. Let's putting it on the main viewer and see if we can get a better view of it."
"Taskforce, cease fire. Cancel battle simulation feed and switch to main sensors. Continue present heading and full speed."

* * *

Fiveteen minutes later a group of officiers in met in flagships CIC. Also listening in were the captains and top officiers from each of the other ships. Appleton called the meeting to order.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, it appears that we have located a new life form. In fact, my first officier tells me that we have no less than 13 of the lifeforms following us at .08c. Needless to say, that's faster than we can easily sustain over a long period of time. I've asked Captain Hoyle to brief us on what we know. Captain..."
"Thank you Commodore. Well, these things are big. Nearly half a kilometer long. We briefly reviewed the sensor logs and these things came from inside asteroids. It appeared on one view that they may burrow into the asteroid to eat or maybe stay out of the radiation from the sun. Of course, that doesn't seem to be effecting them right now. It's hard to tell exactly what they are made out of but it seems quite dense. We can't even begin to imagine how they might move that fast though there is a hint of some drive field like emmisions.
We have tried to communicate in but their is no answer nor no emissions from these things. They are intelligent to some degree because the ones to sides, here and here, are moving on an intercept course instead of directly at us. Now perhaps that's instinctual. The front of these things appears to be an openning with some large objects that look a lot like teeth. That would make sense if grinds up asteriods with them. We have wondered whether they might be interested in planets but we saw no sign of them when we scanned the planets in this system. Well, that concludes the little we know, any questions?"
"Just how big is that openning?"
"We we estimate that it might fit a FG if the teeth were not there. Those teeth are almost a 40 meters long."
"What are we going to do if those things catch us?"
"We're hoping that they either lose interest or get tired soon. I don't doubt that we can destroy them using anti-matter but I'd rather not do that. The scientific value of the lifeform might be enormous. Besides, considering the size of those things, I'm not sure how many anti-matter hits they might be able to take."
"What's are next step?"
"We continue to try to communciate. If you'll check the battle display you'll see that we have a fighter closing in for a closer look. The fighter has a long range scanner pack which is beaming data to us and an fRAAM just in case.

* * *

Damn that thing is HUGE! thought Tomelson. "Control, I'm going to move in. It seems to be ignoring my approach so far. The rest of the squadron will reamin at 6 light-minutes out."
"Roger, blue one. Your authorized to procede as you wish but no closer than 1 light-minute."
I hope that this is worth it. That thing just gives me the willies. I wonder how it can go that fast...Hey!
"Control, that thing just turned towards me. I'm turning toward the fleet and I'll maintain distance and fly back and forth in front of it while the scanners go to work.
"Roger, blue one. We see it.
Five minutes later...
"Blue one, we need better data. Can you drop the range down to 100,000 km?"
"Sure, easy as pie."
One minute later as the range drops to 125,000 km.
"Control, that thing is doing somethi.........."

In less than 5 seconds, the monster had increased speed to almost .5c and captured the fighter in its maw. A fighter is not build to with stand those types of pressures and was smashed like so many toothpickes. Moments later a blinding flash filled space as the fRAAM detonated. The creature didn't even seem to feel that tremenous explosion and resumed pursuit of the enemy ships at it's stately .08c.

"Control, blue two! Request permission to destroy that thing."
"Blue squadron, hold your position! I say again, hold your position!"
Blue two, now in the lead of the squadron, thought a moment about disobeying orders "Wilco, blue two out."

* * *

The Stunned silence lasted for two minutes. They had all been watching the fighter approach. Nothing had prepared them for the blinding speed with which the monster had snatched the fighter from space.
<softly spoken> "Oh, shit."
"Tactics analyze that attack. How did it move so quickly?" Appleton said.
"I think that the monster got long. Hang on.......Yep, it in increased in length by 20%....Hmm, almost as if it had jumped or pushed off from a solid surface. There was also a burst of energy as it attacked. It still increased speed by almost four and a half c. From the fighters fXr pack it appeared that it partical dephased to attack. Almost turned ghost like.
"Anyway we can use that?"
"Not that I'm aware of."
"What about the fRAAM explosion? Did it do anything?"
"It might have done a little bit but it wasn't much. Now what?'
"I think we need to get out of this system. I doubt their warp capable. Is anyone having drive trouble yet."
"Good. Set course for the warp point, best military speed of the battleships."

* * *

20 hours later as the fleet approachs the other side of the asteroid belt.

"Sir, shouldn't we go around the asteroids?" questioned Tactics Officer Magillin.
"No, the belt is directly between us and the warp point. Those two packs of 5 creatures to the port and starboard quarter are paralleling our course at only 8 light-minutes distance, if we move off the direct line of approach to go around the asteroids, they will cut the corner and catch us. We'll take our chances passing though the belt. This time we won't shoot any asteroids though.
"How are the engines holding up?" asked Appleton.
"Engineering is getting harmonics in engine room two. The rest of the fleet is doing fine." Hoyle replied.
"Bring us to battle stations when we get 15 minute from the belt."
Appleton frowned, if he had to slow down, ALL 15 of those creatures would catch up in less than 15 minutes.

* * *

With 15 creatures pursuing them, the fleet ran for the warp point. But the other side of the asteroid belt was loaded with creatures also and this time, the cloaking device was not activate.
"Commodore, bad news. More creatures ahead. Their coming out of the asteroid belt and heading toward us. Contact in 3 minutes.
"How many more creatures?"
"6 ahead and to the right with 5 more ahead and to the left. Their moving to cut us off."
"Launch fighters with fM3s. Open fire at the ones directly ahead as they come into range.

* * *
Scenario play begins at this point.See scenario set-up and rules
* * *

The space eels were smart but they were not coordinating their attacks. They were going to hit in twos and that might give Appleton his chance. The fighters raced ahead at more than twice the speed of the following ships.
"Entering SBM range, Commodore"
"Have all ships with SBMs open fire."
"16 hits Commodore -- Hmm, it's hurt but not much."
What are those things made of? Appleton wondered as another salvo of missiles launched. 16 of those hits should destroy anything not protected by a drive field. That was 800 points of damage. At least those darn things don't have point defense
"15 hits in the second wave. Look's like it's got a hole in the side of it."
When they reached optimal range, they fired waves of fM3 at a single eels. 216 fM3 races


A Gauntlet of Teeth

Cruiser Squadron 38 (Commodore Appleton)
1 BELLEISLE-B-class BB: Britannia II (96 AFM2, 20 EDM2, 20 CAM2-b:s, 20 SBM-b:sp1:h, 20 CM-b:sp1:h, 200 AFM2, 514 SM2-b:p1:h)
1 VIPER-B-class BB(C): Spitting Cobra (100 AFM2, 12 EDM2, 12 CAM2-b:s, 12 SBM-b:sp1:h, 12 CM-b:sp1:h, 386 SM2-b:h)
3 DUNKERQUE-C-class BCR: Arizona, Michigan, Cuba (30 EDM2, 30 CAM2-b:s, 30 SBM-b:sp1:h, 187 CM-b:sp1:h)
1 THETIS-B-class BC(C): Cleopatra (20 EDM2, 20 CAM2-b:s, 20 SBM-b:sp1:h, 125 CM-b:sp1:h)
3 BULWARK-A-class CA: Vengeance II, Victorious II, Zrinyi II (200 AFM2, 200 SM-b:h)
3 SHOKAKU-A-class CVL: Cabot, Lenin, Princeton [6 F5(3G)*, 12 F5(G/L2i); 48 f?, 48 fM?, 48 fLs, 36 fL2, 48 fP, 224 fRAAM, 216 fM3-b]

XO Racks may be armed with any combination ADM, EDM2, RD, or nuclear warhead CAM2, CM-h, SBM-h, or SM-h. Shaped Charge Warheads, AMP1 and/or HARM may be fitted as desired.

26 Eels - Hit points in brackets.

Special Rules:
(1) Place Crusier Squadron 38 of radian 11 at hex location 4248 with a facing of 1.
(2) Place 5 Eels at 5856 [200 each], 4264 [200 each], and 2656 [200 each]. All have a facing of 1. Place a single eels at each of the following locations: 1701:3 [240], 2201:3 [120], 2701:3 [40], 3201:3 [240], 3701:3 [300], 4201:4 [400], 4701:5 [300], :5201:5 [240], 5701:5 [40], 6201:5 [120], 6701:5 [240]. The numbers in []brackets are the amount of hit points the eels have.
(3) Cruiser Squadron 38 is trapped in a system with eels in front and behind. They have no where to run and must run straight ahead or they will activate even more eels. If any ship other than a fighter leaves hex row 42xx, activate 1 eel at 3301 for each two hexes to the left (hex numbers lower than 42xx) of hex row 42xx. For each two hexes to the right (hex numbers higher than 42xx) of hex row 42xx, activate 1 new eel at 5301.
(4) The eels are intelligent in that they will attack in the following order damaged ships first, then random ships. They will move to be intercept the closest enemy ships (not fighters or small craft if a ship is within 10 hexes). For each moving eel, count the distance from the eel to hex line that the enemy ships are moving along Example: If the ships are moving along row 42xx, from 2201 this would be 20 hexes. Then count that number of hexes in front of the enemy fleet. If the eel is unable to move on it's present facing and reach that hex or further from the enemy ships, it must turn, right or left, so that it can intercept the ships on there present facing. Since the eels can only initial attack from in the enemies hex, they always move so as to be in front of the enemy. If the eels cannot move in such a matter as to cross the intended path of the enemy vessels, they will turn to and move in the same direction as the enemy vessels. Thus, the groups at 5856 and 2656 will not turn until the enemy vessels turn or until they are well in front of the enemy.
(5) The map is infinate in size.
(6) Fighters have already been launched and are armed with a full salvo of 4 fM3-b. Because Appleton doesn't know that missiles are generally ineffective, the fighters must attack with the fM3 before they may rearm with anything else. When a fighter squadrons attacks as a squadron, the reaction attack by the eel only destroys 1d10/2 (FRU) fighters in the squadron.

BELLEISLE BB (refit B)-class BB (AC) AM(2) 20 XO 100 Hull TL 15
[2] S2x35{Al2Ac2x4}x3(BbS)H(III)WaHWa(III)WaWa(III)DxzQWaWa(III)Wax4DxzQWa(2Mi2)(?3)WcZ2LhQ
(?4)WaDxz(Ig)Mgx5(III) [5]

100 RCP; 50 MCP • Trg:11 Atk +2 Def -4 Cloak • PV = 250 Cost = 4166 / 624.9
98 HTK S2x35 Al2x3 Ac2x12 Dxzx3 Wcx1 Wax12 Mgx5

VIPER BB(C) (refit B)-class BB (AC) AM(2) 20 XO racks 100 Hull TL 15
[2] S2x25{Al2Ac2x4}x3(BbS)H(III)HWa(III)WaWa(III)QDxzWaWa(III)Wax4DxzQWa(?4)(?3)LhQWcWa(2Mi2)(Z2c)
Dxz(Ig)MgMgMg(III) [5]
100 RCP; 50 MCP • Trg:11 Atk +2 Def -4 Cloak • PV = 249 Cost = 4141 / 621.2
85 HTK S2x25 Al2x3 Ac2x12 Dxzx3 Wcx1 Wax11 Mgx3

SHOKAKU CVL (refit A)-class CVL (AC) AM(2) 12 XO racks 60 Hull TL 12
[1] S2x25Ac2x24HQ(BbS)Q(II)(II)(II)Q[Vx18]Mg(II)Dxz(?3)(II)DxzZ2LhQ?(II) [6]
60 RCP; 40 MCP; 18 FCP • Trg:1 Def -3 Cloak • PV = 146 Cost = 2105 / 315.8
92 HTK S2x25 Ac2x24 Dxzx2 Vx18 Mgx1

DUNKERQUE BC (refit C)-class BC (AC) AM(2) 16 XO racks 80 Hull TL 15
[2] S2x30Ac2x18H(BbS)HQ(II)(III)(II)Wc(III)WcWcDxz(II)WcWcWc(2Mi2)MgMgDxzZ2(?3)?DxzLhQ(III) [6]
80 RCP; 20 MCP • Trg:11 Atk +2 Def -3 Cloak • PV = 194 Cost = 3229 / 484.4
84 HTK S2x30 Ac2x18 Dxzx3 Wcx6 Mgx2

THETIS BC(C) (refit B)-class BC (AC) AM(2) 16 XO racks 80 Hull TL 15
[2] S2x25Ac2x18H(BbS)H(II)Q(III)(II)(III)Wc(II)WcWcDxz(?3)DxzDxzWcMgLhQ(Ig)Dxz(2Mi2)?(Z2c)(III) [6]
80 RCP; 20 MCP • Trg:11 Atk +2 Def -3 Cloak • PV = 209 Cost = 3479 / 521.9
78 HTK S2x25 Ac2x18 Dxzx4 Wcx4 Mgx1

BULWARK CA (refit x)-class CA (AC) AM(2) 12 XO racks 60 Hull TL 13
[1] S2x25Ac2x12H(BbS)QH(II)(II)(II)(II)(II)DxzFc(?4)(?3)Z2FcFcDxz(Ig)QLh(II) [6]
60 RCP; 40 MCP • Trg:9 Atk +1 Def -4 Cloak • PV = 107 Cost = 1932 / 289.8
64 HTK S2x25 Ac2x12 Dxzx2 Fcx3

Purpose: This is a half-kilometer long stony creature of space. Its sole purpose is to find a lair and breed. Each of these creatures are asexual, having all necessary to breed internally. The eel enters the star system and finds a population-size asteroid (either in a belt or around a planet) and makes it a "lair". Any asteroid turned into a lair is worthless to a population, and hence forth none can be placed on it. Once an eel finds a lair it never leaves it. If any lair should be purified (eel destroyed), the lair is still economically worthless, but becomes available for inhabitation by another eel.
After 30 days of being at its lair, the eel breeds and another eel appears. This eel then searches the system for another asteroid to make as its own lair (starting wherever it was bred at, it will take the closest one available). If none are left, it leaves the star system in search of another system's asteroids.
Life: Each has 1d10*40 hits. After combat it heals 10 hits every 2 interception turns (every hour).
Movement: Each moves at speed 5, TM 1.
*Bite* Anytime a ship moves within 10 hexes of the eel, the eel moves to bite the ship. This is done by moving into the same hex as it. Every pulse that the eel is in the same hex as a ship, it bites the ship. Biting does 1d10 points of damage, the first point collapsing all the shields.
*Reaction Bite* Whenever an eel is shot by a ship that is 4 or less hexes away, the eel moves into the ship's hex and bites it (this breaks the normal turn sequence). This can happen any number of times in the firing phase, as long as the firing ship is 4 or less hexes away from the eel.
*Stone Skin* Because of its size and composition, the stony skin of the eel makes it less susceptible from damage by missiles and kinetic weapons. For every 10 hits done in a volley, the eel takes only 1 damage.
*Radiation Field* The eel moves by manipulating a radiation field extending from itself. This field also reduces all damage from energy weapons by one point, including weapons which skip shields and armor.
Intelligence: The eel will destroy any unit that gets within 1 SH of its lair (and that doesn't immediately leave), but will not harm populations unless attacking a PDC (which is resolved as if it were a ship, but there is no collateral damage), in which case it razes the planet's surface at the rate of 1 day per hex-side (damage equal to 1/6 total value per hex-side). When searching for a lair, the eel will destroy all populations and units it finds in the same SH as the future lair. No eel will fight another eel over lair rights, the "homeless" eel will always find another asteroid, but it may be in the same sH. If multiple eels are in the same sH and units arrive, all eels in that hex will band together before attacking the intruders.
Notes: An eel is undetectable inside its lair. If a ship is present without the eel's knowledge (cloak?), the ship must fire upon the asteroid, after which the eel comes out looking for the intruder. Once an intruder has fired (and the eel is out of its lair), the eel can see the intruder as if it wasn't cloaked.

================================ Map of the Golbe Sector ============

AG-23 --AG24 --- AG25---- TFN AG28 --- to Cupid
| / \ \ | /
| / \ \ | /
Vixen TFN TFN --AG34 \ Blizten --- AG31 --- AG26
| \ | / \ ________________/ / \
| \ | / | / / \
AG22 AG20--Rudolph Dasher --- Dancer-------- AG30
| \ / \ | |
| \ / \ | |
TFN AG21 AG35 -- AG37 Cupid to Donner
| / \
| / \
to AG35---Donner ----- AG27 ------ to AG28
Prancer -- Comet
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Nerf Scissors, Rock is fine. Signed: Paper.
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