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Starfire Holiday

Postby Starfire on Tue 21 Jul 2009 10:35

I found this and thought people might enjoy seeing it again.


Twas the night before the assault, when all through system space
Not a vessel was stirring, Not even a captain's gig of our attacking race;
The battleships were lined up near the warp point on alert,
Even the impending simultaneous transit could not entice them to desert.

The assault ship's weapon capacitors were at full yield,
While the massive vessels floated secure behind shields;
The Admiral in full dress and I (the flag captain) watched the holotank,
As the countdown to the assault slowly dwindled and sank.

When upon the warp point there arose such a clatter,
I gazed into the plot to see what was the matter;
Over to tactical I lept in a bound,
To identify the cause of the alert, the source of the sound.

Near the warp point space itself was roiling,
Armor off the close-in pickets was boiling;
When what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a massive dreadnought several more to its rear.

With an odd sinking feeling deep within me,
I knew in a moment it must be the enemy;
As fast as our fighters among us they flew,
Their numbers in system exponentially grew.

Lasers, Missiles, Plasma Torpedoes and Force Beams!
They possessed all of the latest weapons it seemed!
Our battleships and cruisers they quickly destroyed!
Then turned on the support ships sweeping them aside like toys!

As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly.
Our fleet was swept away and along with it I.
The Admiral's nerve had cracked the old sod,
I ordered the flagship to drop into LOD.

Into the distance they chased our scattered fleet
It was our races' most humiliating defeat.
As we turned and under full EMCON skulked away,
Even more of the enemy arrived that sad day.

They had dreadnoughts, carriers and destroyers galore,
Escorts, fighters and other craft more.
Slowly the flagship evaded their sensors,
We fled the system and rallied other defenders.

We had gotten scans of the advanced enemy tech
Our analysts would soon work up their design specs.
Armed with new technology we would return with a fresh fleet
Threat response would enable us to avenge this defeat.

by James A. Pridemore (
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