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Seki no Seki campain

PostPosted: Fri 04 Feb 2011 12:59
by wievil
Is anyone generating any fiction from the Seki no Seki game presently running on ?


Hanaia Clan 3 Haider 0
Haider losses 2x 25 class FT0, stats (AC)SHsQa[Ica](MNE)Xa survey ships in two seperate systems, 1x 1 class CL, stats (AC)SA(MNE)Hs(Bsa)Tax3YaKa+Lja[IcaIca][IcaIca][ica]MgQax3 picket ship in a third system.
Hanaia Clan losses 1 GBb sqdn -8 dp.