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SDS Forum now has Email Digests!

Postby Cralis on Fri 07 Aug 2009 11:05

Thats right, last night's all night mod (mostly because I fell asleep at my keyboard) added the ability for the forum to do email digests in daily, weekly, or monthly format. The digests can be setup to pay attention to your logging onto the board and not send messages you've seen since you last logged on, or it can be sent to send you everything.

How does it work?

Go into your User Control Panel. On the far left of the tabs you'll see "Digests". Go there.

First, on the 'Basics' page you need to tell it what kind of digest you want, and select what kind of format (html is default). I'm not sure if the 'hour sent' works because I have setup the cronjob that makes this run to go at midnight PST (0800 GMT).

If you want to receive only some of the board, then you need to go into 'post selection' and tell it what you do and don't want to receive.

Second, if you want to only get posts that are new since you've last visited, go to 'post filters' and make 'show new posts only' set to yes. You can also tell it to ignore your own posts and even send you private messages that you haven't read yet.

Third, I suggest you go into 'additional criteria' and make both 'send digest if there are no new posts' and 'reset my last visit date when sent a digest' both to yes.

VOILA! Your Digest is ready. The email includes links to each individual post so you can go to the board and view and/or respond, and you can just read the emails on your own time!

I'm hoping this will help everyone who liked the mailing list functionality of sending to YOU the messages. Just make sure to stop by and post every now and again!
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