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Crusade released on War Game Vault!

PostPosted: Thu 30 Nov 2017 19:50
by Cralis
We have released the Classic Starfire scenario supplement book "Crusade" on War Game Vault!

Crusade is a scenario supplement for Third Edition Starfire, based upon the novel "Crusade" written by David Weber and Steve White. Crusade tells the story of the Theban-Terran War of 2298-2302, when the Theban Navy "Sword of Holy Terra" suprise attacked the Terran Federation in a religious war to liberate "Holy Mother Terra" from the unbelievers. Crusade includes new rules for boarding combat and new technologies from HT8 to HT11.


Re: Crusade released on War Game Vault!

PostPosted: Sun 03 Dec 2017 12:00
by VoidStalker_WoE
Nice. Looks the same as my physical copy. Good to see more of the older versions making their way back to market.