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Re: Re-release of Stars at War - Aug 30th

Postby dazrand on Thu 27 Aug 2020 10:38

Skarn wrote:
Cralis wrote:Edit: I should point out that with an actual electronic document you can do word searches and you can copy and paste out of it, for example copying the ship designs to build a fleet sheet in preparation for playing a scenario. You cannot do any of this with a scanned copy.

That depends on what software you scan with.

Also, the full version of Acrobat has had OCR which could be applied to existing PDFs since at least version 8 (more than ten years).

We used two, HP's and Acrobat. The latter won out with our scan, but the files still required a careful pass to ensure the OCR resolved correctly (still only around 97% accurate). The biggest issue were oddities in the file structure after the OCR, two column documents can play havoc with text progression within and between paragraphs. The biggest surprise was the ship control sheets, the read through found far fewer issues than we expected from the scan.
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