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southwestforests wrote:
<multiple things about suits snipped here>

Despite the advanced technology of the EMU, the "mechanics" used to meet the astronaut's basic needs of food, water, and waste elimination are surprisingly "low tech."

OOooh, bookmark'd! Thanks!

It's worth noting however that these suits are more akin to Honorverse skinsuits, just not as effective (the suits built by the People's Navy would actually be quite in demand; they have much better independant life support than a deWulf one, but that's to be expected. HH's techbase is substantially more mature). They can do waste storage and processing for a good bit, but basic life support by themselves without an EE pack is limited.

Cralis wrote:It is my understanding that certain long running sci-fi shows and movies intentionally stay away from stuff like this to both lower production costs and to keep the characters "more human" so they will appeal to a broader audience. It's part of the reason I don't particularely care for them.

I think they are missing that what it means to be human will change with changes in science. There are some books, shows, and movies I really like _because_ they understand and show this. Gibson's books, Snow Crash, the Expanse series, Star Carrier series and Semper Fi trilogy of trilogies by Ian Douglas, and Charles Gannon's Caine Riordan series all come to mind when I think of stories that highlight this.

I think one thing a lot of people forget with this kind of information display is information density as well. The reason why I have two widescreen monitors at Work (and at home) is that I often need to be reviewing multiple datastreams at once. That's something that you can't quite do as effectively in a helmet, and one has to at some point cut down on what is being displayed since ideally you also want the wearer to actually see PAST what he's looking at at the same time.

The basic fundamental concept of a helmet is first and foremost to protect the user, with an immediate secondary for the user to have situational awareness of what's going on (ideally to the point of making the presense of the helmet be an improvement and not a burden). This fundamentally imposes some restraints that only get loosened as your tech base gets more advanced.
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