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deWulf Corporate Democracy Turn 135

PostPosted: Mon 08 Oct 2018 22:18
by Xveers
dWMS Heiterkeit Valley
Falke System
deWulf Corporate Democracy

"What do you mean there are 'irregularities' with the latest supply shipment?"

Hunter Hafig looked at Lancer Laufs with a glare that could have fused armoured plate. dWNS Heiterkeit Valley had just been commissioned, and the press of the war effort (to say nothing of her abysmal cruising speed) demanded she depart NOW, and let the rest of her supplies catch up over the four months it would take to reach the front lines. But the shift from provisioning at dockside to on the move had thrown her original replenishment schedule into disarray, leaving her vulnerable to mistakes Such as the ones Lancer Laufs had discovered.

"I mean that while we've received what we're supposed to have, we've gotten some... extra. I think at least one of our suppliers is trying to use the confusion to ah... correct some inventory discrepancies."

The glare refused to abate, and Laufs dragged in a fresh breath of air to continue

"The supply order said we're to receive another 50 general 'suits for our stocks. We did get a container with the requisite 50 Mark Twelve skinsuits, but the shipment we got was two containers."

"So we got some extra suits. I'm not seeing the problem here." Hafig explained, treating the Lancer like he was fresh from the training academy and wholly ignorant in how military logistics tended to work out. "We can always trade them off for some other supplies."

"Yes, the other container had another 50, but they're all Mark Eight models. I'm not sure if we have the right plumbing for them in the shops. They won't interface with our current shipboard connectors."

Hunter Hafig's glare softened, eyes going wide in surprise as he processed the information "Mark Eights? Those got supplanted by the Eight-Beths back during the Binary War! Breaker, there was a fleet-wide upgrade to the Mark Nines three months after the armistice!"

Laufs nodded in agreement "That's what I mean! Technically though, Logistics never did remove the Mark Eights from the official supply lists. Or the Eight-Beths. Or the Nines. Or the Mark Sevens-"

"I get the point, Lancer. So what are we going to do about this?"

"Well, the Eights aren't bad per-se. Just out-modelled. The real problem is everyone finally standardized on fittings; they went with the ones that Trans-Solar used. They're a much better connector, and they were becoming common in the civilian market already. But the Mark Eights use the older UAC fitting styles. They're... serviceable. And they're an open standard nowadays, so they're very cheap to build..."

"Did you have a previous job as a spacesuit salesman? Because all I'm hearing is the opening of a sales pitch."

"I owned a small suit fitting and supply shop on Dave's World. I was on vacation with my family when it got rezoned as a crater."


"Point is, the old connections are still really popular in the civilian market. And you can get conversion kits to refit them to the Trans-Solar connectors. But that requires some pretty specialized tools and skills. We just don't have either aboard. A Protze-Class might; a Granit-Class probably would. I know that the Stülcken and Lürssen-Class ships do have the needed facilities aboard."

Hafig looked like he had bitten into a piece of meat that was a few days after the best-by date. "Who shipped them to us, by the way?"

"Bluhn & Dehl, of course."

Bluhn & Dehl were the Navy's primary corporate chandler. They provided anything that wasn't military-grade, and a lot of things that were. As a general rule, if it could be carried through a personal airlock they could provide it. Bluhn & Dehl had delivered four full NF-8000 containers full of various supplies, and in the rush they had, through carelessness or guile, added one more shipment of skinsuits that should have instead been disposed of years ago. A complaint would probably be filed, but in all likelihood it would just disappear into the monolith that was B&D's administration.

Lancer Laufs continued "No idea if this was an accident or an 'accident', to be honest. I can't imagine why they'd have held onto these older space suits for so long, but my guess is that someone at the depot saw an opportunity to get them out of his storage racks with some plausible deniability. They were shipped in excess to our requirements, so we can't say that we didn't get what we ordered. Regardless, we won't have the space to hold them for long. We need to clear the container out of the hold for actual supplies."

Hunter Hafig gritted his teeth. That was the gripping paw of the issue; they couldn't just retain the cargo and trade it later for something they did need. They just didn't have the cubage available. "And we can't just toss the container out the airlock, can we?" He asked, half in jest but hoping that might be a plausible solution.

"No Sir. We can't just toss them out. Hrm...." A grin spread across the Lancer's face. That sweet dawning of realization. "But we can tag the container as filled with dunnage from replenishment. You know, loose bracing, drained chemical tanks, that sort of thing. It'll get routed out to Mittelsspannung for processing and disposal."

Hafig smiled "And once it's off our ship, it's their problem. Good work Laufs. I want those suits off our ship before we transit in to Grumman.”
“They’ll be offboard by the turn of the watch.”

Re: deWulf Corporate Democracy Turn 135

PostPosted: Wed 31 Oct 2018 00:12
by Xveers
------ Newsfeed Online ------

*Catchy news jingle plays*
From the very depths of space to the lowest streets of Fenris, deWulf State News brings the facts of the galaxy to your desk!
*DSN News!*

Good Evening. I'm Janeth deVries.

The BioMed Corporation today announced the opening of their research colony on Lugo for general immigration. Originally founded under a corporate charter by the Ibizan Monarchy, Lugo was originally meant to function as a secure research centre, tasked with cataloging and researching the local biosphere. Over the past three years it has surveyed the majority of on-planet life and delivered several valuable breakthroughs for BioMed's product development teams.

With the charter's exclusivity agreement coming to a close, BioMed has decided to open the colony for general immigration. The total current population of just over nine million, with the main city of Tisuna having a population of six million. The rest of the population is scattered over a dozen other cities, with some smaller towns servicing long-term research sites.

Markets were mixed on the news that BioMed would continue to support the colony. A spokesman for BioMed stated "Even though the colony is now open to all outside businesses under the termination and transfer of government clauses of the charter, we still retain a critical first-mover advantage, and we feel that the potential for long term profit continues to exist. To say nothing of our current employees, of course."

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PostPosted: Sun 11 Nov 2018 19:19
by Xveers
Neu Pregel Orbital Highport & Yards
Konigsberg Orbit
deWulf Corporate Democracy

PackMaster Hella Kobetsky flopped down into a seat in the sparsely decorated VIP lounge. Neu Pregel had only been completed two weeks ago, and the invite to visit the new shipard had only been sent out a few weeks beforehand. The entire station still had that too-clean smell of fresh filters and burnished metal, and Hella found it just a little nauseating. 'Give me the lived in smells of an old staton any day' she thought. Lifting her head fractionally she looked across to the new Station Administrator, a young Fenren that had displayed entirely too much energy while giving her the tour. 'As if I haven't seen this design before anyways. It's a standard civilian design!' Hella found her mind wandering more as the administrator started talking. Again.

"And of course we're ending the tour here in the VIP lounge. We still haven't gotten some of the furniture in, and the drink bar is still somewhere in the primary cargo hold, but we'll have it all installed by the time you come back." He paused for a moment, finally giving Hella a chance to get a few words in edgewise.

"Administrator Kaarst, I appreciate you taking the time to show me around your station, and you're clearly very proud of your station here. I can understand that. But this isn't the first station I've visited. Not even the first of this design. It is a rather common civilian layout after all. Admittedly this one seems to have had fewer corners cut than the last few I've visited."

Kaarst paused a bit, not really sure how to react to being so coldly damned with faint praise. "I... see. Well, my apologies Packmaster Kobetsky. We don't usually get your level of visitor out here at Konigsberg to begin with, so you ARE a little bit of an instant celebrity, no matter how jaded you might be from your visit."

"That's alright. Like I said, you've got plenty of reason to be proud of what you've done. Base Command and the Logistics Bureau usually ends up holding quite a few hands when a colony world builds their first yard. We first found out about it when you sent the invites for the opening luncheon. That might sound like faint praise, but it's not. Most times there's a lot of money floating around and now brains to match it."

That pulled a chuckle from Kaarst as he relaxed backwards, the new chair squeaking noisily in response. "Well, we did have some help. I have a small list of repair, refit, and construction orders. Expediators and Blue Star both have a laundry list of work they need to get done, since most of the new yards are all tied up with naval construction."

Packmaster Kobetsky reached into a breast pocket, pulling out a single data stick before tossing it over at Kaarst "I hope your contracts with them were properly drawn up. They might be waiting a while longer."

The chip landed square in Kaarst's paw, rolled from finger to finger with an air of concern. "What's this for?"

"Formal notification" intoned Hella "of the Neu Pregel yards being awarded a three-ship wartime production contract. Three Landser Mk3 Battleships. You'll get the official paperwork in a week or so via the usual Datawings Courier packet, but this is an official advance warning. If your facility was another one of those 'quick and sloppy' yards, you would have been all on your way to those nice civilian contracts."

She pulled a stimstick from an inside pocket, twisting the base before taking a long drag. The chems soaked into her lungs and onward into her bloodstream even as she exhaled. "The reward for competence is, as always, an invitation to solve harder problems."