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Re: General thoughts on rules

Postby coldsteel on Sat 09 May 2020 14:25

aramis wrote:
coldsteel wrote:What about for 'counters' you use folding blocks for ship 'miniatures'?

Better than counters... but the problem there is that of scale and handling costs.

To be a ready replacement, they need to be precut, and that means die-cutting. And that's got a significant setup-cost. It helps if they're preglued, as typical small packaging boxes are when shipped. But that's even more expense.

I don't know at which point the plastic gets cheaper... but it eventually does. Unless you contract with a producer of small boxes of the right design to provide different feed stock, that die-cutting is a big hit.

F die-cutting... lol. People have scissors, right? ;)
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Re: General thoughts on rules

Postby Cralis on Wed 13 May 2020 19:00

The Starfire counters we sell right now were cut with a laser...
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Re: General thoughts on rules

Postby Xveers on Thu 14 May 2020 21:04

If you're looking at getting chits made, so long as you stick to a fairly common/standard format (which I believe the Starfire chits do) then you can save quite a bit on the tooling and production costs, and just have the per-unit printing and packing.
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