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Re: Starfire Miniatures and Fleet Availability

Postby thebard on Wed 23 Dec 2015 13:23

Cralis wrote:[.....So 1:9350 roughly. Although I'd probably round to 1:9000 instead because it's closer. But I've only recently come into miniatures, is 1:10000 a standard ratio?

Don't know if 1:10000 is standard for miniatures but it is appealing because the
numbers are easy. So I'd stay with 1:10000 just to simplify the maths (although this arguement
goes out of the window if you stay with Imperial measurements....)
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Re: Starfire Miniatures and Fleet Availability

Postby nukesnipe on Thu 31 Dec 2015 18:17


Definitely not 1:3000. I just received a 1:3125 USS ARES miniature today. I think the ARES is supposed to be a small cruiser/large destroyer. In any event, the saucer is 1.5 inches in diameter - about the length of a Rigellian DD.

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