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Who's here?

PostPosted: Tue 14 Jul 2009 20:31
by Crucis
Ok, I'm gonna start this thread.

I'm Crucis, aka Fred Burton, creator of the Star Union, and Lead Designer of Cosmic Starfire. I only joined the SF list less than a couple of years ago... so I'm not an old time "SF List" person.... I'm worse... I'm an old-time Dave Weber associate ... a person who helped out on 2nd and 3rd editions, added a couple of tech systems here and there, assisted Dave heavily on ISW4 ... created the Star Union, the Zarkolyan Empire, the ship designs for the Star Union, Zarkolyans, and the Bugs (yes, including some of the "bad" designs)... I'm also the Creator of the Pitariad, a race that if you've read Dave Weber's Starfire novel "The Shiva Option" and seen the Star Union map at the front of the book, to whom there's a vague reference.

And now I'm back and working on Cosmic Starfire....

So who else is here? If you're using a handle that may not be familiar to old SF List hands, let us know who you are!

And welcome to the new SDS Website and Forum!!! :mrgreen:

Re: Who's here?

PostPosted: Tue 14 Jul 2009 23:00
by Cralis
I'm pretty sure everyone knows me, but I'll bite. I'm Matthew Olson, aka Cralis. I've been on the list since 1996, and after volunteering to help with 3R, I ended up working directly for Marvin in 2000-2001 helping to build and publish Galactic Starfire (4E). After that I did a couple tours around the great sandbox and returned to go back to school. I'm currently studying Computer Science and I'm working with emergency radio communications.

Oh yeah, and I'm both playing and working on Starfire!

I look forward to really getting back into the community and I believe that our collaborative efforts can make Starfire even better. I've had the opportunity to converse with Fred some and I'm really excited about Cosmic bringing back the Weber history and the 3E players, and I'm really excited about moving forward with Ultra and all the new ideas that have been put on the table.

Now if only I could be as funny as Todd...

Re: Who's here?

PostPosted: Wed 15 Jul 2009 05:11
by BillW
I'm Bill Wells AKA BillW; so I can't come up with the cool names that other folk do ;)
I started playing Starfire in the 3rd edition days and was on the GEnie discussion board back in the day. I did some playtesting for 3rdR and made some contributions to the Galactic and Ultra versions of Starfire. I also wrote the GSF Utilities (in C++ for those who care about such things). I haven't been very active in Starfire for the last few years, but I have some more free time now. I had just dusted off my GSF Utilities code and was thinking of upgrading them to the Ultra rules (using C#) when I saw the announcement for this new site.
I am very excited and thrilled to see this new beginning for Starfire. I will take this opportunity to volunteer to help Starfire succeed in any way that I can.

Re: Who's here?

PostPosted: Wed 15 Jul 2009 07:02
by Dawn Falcon
Hi, Dawn Falcon here.

The first David Weber book I read was In Death Ground. From there I went onto his other books, and one day I was wondering if there was a game system associated with Starfire. Turns out there was :D.

I've been involved with the making of the UTM, Elite, Ultra and now Cosmic Starfire.

Re: Who's here?

PostPosted: Wed 15 Jul 2009 19:59
by Xveers

I'm Sylvester Wrzesinski aka Xveers. I do the deWulf campaign as well as maintain, kind of, a excel spreadsheet that lets players run ULTRA campaigns in the comfort of their own home. I'm also working on some other support excel stuff, and I have a few other bits and pieces bubbling away (like having a friend of mine try to figure out what makes the old shipyard software so clottin' finicky on install and operation). I've also done a re-write of a small Khanate adventure that was published in the Nexus magazine "The Drolian Campaign" that's essensially done as well, but I'm not sure what else to do with it. Lastly, I'm also plotting (a long-term project) to try to duct tape together a fuller understanding of the classic universe and create ship designs that mimic classic TFN/KON/OADC/etc in 4e.

Trivia: Did you know the original shipyard software was written for Windows 3.1?

Re: Who's here?

PostPosted: Wed 15 Jul 2009 21:34
by PracticalM
This is Jeffrey Kessler, I've been playing Starfire and running campaigns since the original small book series. I've played pretty much every version of Starfire. I was heavily involved in GSF including running one of the playtest campaigns.

I have run a number of campaigns but both local and online players (using the spreadsheets). I've written a few tools for my own use including building an incomplete version of a Vassel counter set. <> is the latest copy.

I'm not currently running any campaigns mostly because I've been insanely busy with my work (I make children's software for Knowledge Adventure - see if you have kids 3-10) and am in the process of releasing a Wii game.

I hope that I can run a campaign that starts sometime this year. There was a great idea from the Mailing List that I want to adapt for my own campaign. I have mostly used excel spreadsheets to run campaigns.

Re: Who's here?

PostPosted: Wed 15 Jul 2009 22:31
by krenshala
krenshala ... aka Larry Robinson

I was shown a copy of the 3E/ISF rules back around '93, read through it, but never got a chance to play. A few year later something reminded me of Starfire, so I decided to look on the internet for it, and found the list (and website). I've been throwing my 0.000002 MCr at the list ever since. My biggest contribution (with the help of a friend of mine) was coming up with a "better" list of government and racial types for GSF. For those that wonder, yes, I just had to add the Bovine Herbivoracity to the Herd Race description when I thought of the concept (hey ... someone had to suggest the counter to the Arachnid Omnivoracity! :lol: :roll: ).

Lately, I've been throwing big giant images at Matt for resizing and use on this nifty new website. Speaking of which ... I think I want to create new "rank" graphics, Matt. :roll:

Re: Who's here?

PostPosted: Thu 16 Jul 2009 04:59
by cbarnett
Craig Barnett here, I've been a Starfire player since 1st Edition in the 1980's, and rediscovered 3rdR and GSF in the late 90's. I appreciate and enjoy all versions of the game, and am very excited about the upcoming release of Cosmic Starfire.

I've played in a fair few 3rdR and GSF PBEM's over the years, but it has been very quiet for me Starfire-wise in recent times. I hope this changes!

Re: Who's here?

PostPosted: Thu 16 Jul 2009 12:10
Dan Preston here.

I started playing SF with the 1st and 2nd editions. Took a break and discovered 3rd and have been
playing off and on ever since. I have help on several SDS products, mainly GSF era stuff. I am best
know for the strategy that is the only true path to victory, "Genocide For Fun and Profit' TM pending.

Lately I have been experimenting with a solo campaign based on a mix of 3rdR and GSF without WPs.
And yes, piracy/raiding has become a problem for one of my main races.

Re: Who's here?

PostPosted: Fri 17 Jul 2009 22:31
by Zombee
Dan Kochheiser is here.

I have been involved with Starfire since the TFG booklets. Playtested Imperial Starfire and most of the expansion products. Dropped off for a bit and then came back when I found 3rdR. Helped make the UTM and the involved the attempt to consolidate the rules till the Marvin-Steve Flame War. Dropped out of sight during that and have only recently returned because of the discovery of the making of Cosmic Starfire.

Hello All!