Anyone here any good with blender?

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Anyone here any good with blender?

Postby Club on Thu 26 Aug 2010 23:32

I have made up a mesh I like for a frigate design I use. unfortunately, I haven't the ability to do justice coloring it. I probably won't do anything with it but post some JPGs here, but will give credit if anyone wants to finish the thing
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Re: Anyone here any good with blender?

Postby tdh8192 on Wed 01 Sep 2010 11:22

You mean the software package, right? And here I thought this site was turning into a mixed drinks recipe repository! :D
- Tom
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Re: Anyone here any good with blender?

Postby Xveers on Wed 01 Sep 2010 15:29

I've been working on Blender for a bit now, and I've gotten reasonably decent at it (sorry no links -quite- yet).

I've looked at some of your stuff Club, and I think the issue is that you mold the hull out of one single object. For computer games and high end work it's definitely better. For our more humble purposes (and without the service of pro texture artists) one should build an object out of multiple items. For example, is composed of 19 different objects, all "parented" to the main box. This lets me more easily tag textures of one part to another part to another part. You CAN do multiple textures on a single object as per ... _Materials but, it's tricky and more than a little frustrating to get to work.
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Re: Anyone here any good with blender?

Postby BillW on Sun 05 Sep 2010 11:58

tdh8192 wrote:You mean the software package, right?

Awe, and I thought we were going to get some good recipes! :(
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