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June, Age of Expansion, Year 2

PostPosted: Mon 29 Jun 2015 14:20
by kedrake
Income for the month hits 3793 MC

Fleet Maintenance runs just over 46% of TGI.

Research is completed on the hardware for (CICb), although currently no ships will be updated with this system as its benefits over the current system are minimal. Work continues on general economic advancement, the science behind Capital Sensors, and the actual hardware for DataLink (Za). Research is started on advancing life support technology to a new level. A breakthrough is being pursued in Automated Platforms by our scientists. R&D Spending is just under 20% of TGI.

Work continues on a standard Flechette CL and an expansion of the shipyards at the space station. The first Lego class FT5 is delivered to fleet this month, a new Erickson Class Frigate is laid down. With the 2 new systems discovered, the decision is made to reactive the 1st Exploration Fleet, and the first 6 ships are reactivated from mothballs. Construction costs are under 18% of TGI.

The CFN is hired to transport 500,000 colonists join the outpost on Dudley-IV-II (a super rich moon) bringing that population to over 1.7 million. 500,000 colonists are also sent to establish an outpost on Trent-A-III. This will make the 2nd landing in Trent system as nearly 10 million people live in a small population center on the very rich harsh Type T planet Trent-B-II. Finally industrialization of the home system continues as 850,00 brave souls join the outpost on Gryphon-V-ii ( a rich moon ), making it a colony. Colonization costs for the month aer 19% of TGI.

The 2nd Exploration Fleet moves into the Big Ben system and begins a Warp Point Survey.

The 3rd Exploration Fleet moves into the York System and begins a Warp Point Survey.