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Re: Play-by-email Forum Game

Postby Whitecold on Thu 15 Jun 2017 00:22

Cralis wrote:Whitecold, didn't you have a similar squadron system already designed? why don't you use that?

I plan to likely use part of it, the reduced damage for capital/heavy weapons to make regular ones more viable in anti-smcft defense. My idea seems to accomplish what it was designed to do (Prevent GB from being near invincible, prevent large weapons from double firing, having at least linear scaling in number of weapons, and making it easy to calculate) but the one thing it does not manage is making GB actually interesting.
They are still all the same, with them being part of a fleet mix instead of the entire fleet eases the boredom to some extend.
procyons idea makes smcft designable, gives them design choices, and it brings all the combat systems together. AP, armed and unarmed smcft and large units work all under essentially the same rules, which has great appeal to me for consistency, being able to compare units, and also general elegance of the system.

I'd rather cook up my own hull table to go along with this ruleset.

I fixed my system_connector, before it had issue on not properly importing already connected WPs
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