colonisation design contest

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Re: colonisation design contest

Postby Cralis on Fri 10 Jan 2020 18:46

Katak wrote:As long as colonies' growth is reflected only by the natural growth applicables to any population plus the colonisation "sponsored/organized/owned(or combination thereoff)" by the govt, illegal or private sector only colonisation is not a game significant issue.

That depends upon where they elect to colonize. If they colonize in a system claimed by another empire, it could cause a war.

Having an "private starport" and squatting an area claimed by a government is something that might be called "illegal".

Setting up in "terra nullia" I.e a system that is neither integrated to a player's empire nor belong to an NPR is something else, and unaccounted for by the game as far as I can see

Of course it isn’t in the game. War game purists don’t want or need things in the game out of their control.

And that is why I said that maybe I will someday write an optional rule for section GG that players can use to add civilian sponsored colonization. It won’t be under player control, they may not even want you, but it could also make life uh... interesting under certain circumstances.

In game term, the equivalent to North America's settling in XVII century, that is the early settlements, dependant on major capital outlay to set-up a colony (as opposed to the trickle of migrants joining later on), is not reflected as there is no Colonisation efforts that is Free for the govt treasury. As an example, Ville-Marie (now Montréal) was founded by a missionary society.

Exactly! And once an extra-empire colony has beenestablished, it wouldn’t take many resources for additional PTU to join them. Why wouldn’t they trickle in and reduce your uh, um... overcrowding in large populations???

As a racial trait, lower colonisation cost (less subsidies required) or accelerated growth would be the easy way to translate private colonial efforts. Once the Govt settled a minimum of infrastructure a "growth roll" will be substituted to the standard growth figure, until the outpost reach 50% (?) of the maximum pop. x racial points = growth %= 1d6

Private sector is already assumed to have signed up for government sponsored colonization. Private only colonization would not be under government control, at least until you make it under your control...
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Re: colonisation design contest

Postby krenshala on Tue 14 Jan 2020 15:46

Honestly, I could see these extra-legal colonies as being the destination of all the free PTU the empire did not ship out that turn. At least potentially.

I definitely agree it should be an optional rule, however.
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