More Fighter/Gunboat confusion

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Re: More Fighter/Gunboat confusion

Postby Cralis on Wed 29 Jul 2020 14:16

StarTytalan wrote:Because despite what you may think the rules are not clear which has been pointed out by more than me.

Actually, you're pretty much the only person who is conflating SRW/LRW with Internal/External. Right now gunboats (in particular) are one of the more powerful weapons in the game. In almost every case where someone has a different result, we've found that they aren't using the rules as written.

As for what you said about sprint missiles I’ll repost a quote from below your post “ The issue is that it can't be balanced in the same way and keep it the way we want the weapon to be. We either have to make it too powerful or underpowered. Since R is already an extremely powerful weapon...probably the gold standard...we choose to make G a little underpowered. That is why it is being removed as a choice for beginning players and instead will be part of the "missile" progression as a branch from R.”.

I'm talking about G, not fG, with that statement. They are entirely different weapon systems that aren't even deployed from the same hull.

Yes sprint mode missile are useless they are underpowered by design it seems.

And that is why they are getting relegated to a secondary weapon instead of being allowed as an SRW choice in the next version of SSF, until we decide what we are really going to do with it in the long run. Two versions from now we are going to be putting out a few more weapon systems and I'm thinking that we might change G as well.

Time will tell.
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