Refits And HS Jugguling

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Refits And HS Jugguling

Postby SCC on Wed 02 Sep 2020 22:36

Cralis, I've got a weird one about refits and it's not helped by my memory saying that you don't need to pay for position changes when adding extra Shields, that is if I want to convert the last system on a ship (It's a single HS system for sake of discussion) to S I don't need to refit every intervening HS.

So I've got these two designs:
Bullet Class Missile Destroyer
Sling-Class Missile Destroyer

So if I want to convert from the first do I need to refit 9 HS, those containing the rightmost S, right most A, the Xa and all 3 Ic or is it 10 HS (make that the two rightmost A)?

Going the other way it's pretty much the same, 9 HS, Ra and all 5 Ia; or 10, add leftmost A?

How would this be changed if both of these designs had Z?

Now any of these refits would incur a class fee, but the refit project doesn't actually include building and installing the new systems, although they may be bundled together. This means that if those are separate projects they don't incur the class fee, right?

Bonus Questions:
If I disassemble/crate a ship, I need to perform both a build hull and several install systems projects to get it working again, right?

For M2.01.1 "Ships and bases 7 HS or less in size require 3 HS of build capacity to build in a build unit project regardless of their actual size" only applies of ships and base right, not SS or anything? Sorry but the lowercase usage create ambiguity.
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Re: Refits And HS Jugguling

Postby krenshala on Wed 09 Sep 2020 18:32

For the reassembly task, you want the "Crated Unit" section of the table at the beginning of M4 - Assemble Hull, followed by Install Systems (I'm assuming Normal for both to avoid an extra cost).

For the refits, lets look at them with one character per HS. I dropped any additional chars from 1 HS systems, but left Mgs and Hs alone, and added dashes around Ra to make it 4 characters:
Code: Select all
old : SSSAAAAXIcQYMsIc-Ra--Ra--Ra-IcQHs
new : SSAAA-Ra-IQYMsII-Ra--Ra--Ra-IIQHs

Based on that view, Here is the new system (using the same as above) with the HS needing refit being marked in red.


By my count, there are 11 HS that will need to be refit for this specific change. One for the first S to A conversion. Five for the "AAXIc" to "RaIa" conversion. And two sets of two HS for the remaining "Ic" to "IaIa" conversions. So, 11 HS of refits, plus the cost of the new systems, plus the New Class Fee applied on the cost of that 11 HS (with systems) refit.
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Re: Refits And HS Jugguling

Postby SCC on Thu 10 Sep 2020 03:08

Why in your highlighted version is the first Q highlighted?
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Re: Refits And HS Jugguling

Postby Antares on Thu 10 Sep 2020 19:57

SCC wrote:Why in your highlighted version is the first Q highlighted?

It shouldn't be, I don't think... I counted 10, not 11... FWIW.
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