C11.03.4 Confusion

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C11.03.4 Confusion

Postby Caplin on Sat 06 Jan 2018 20:12

Hi All,

I'm a little confused by use of the term "system turn," in this section. As far as I know, a system turn is one day, and has been since 3rd Revised or so. The referenced rule seems to suggest that it's actually 8 hours. I can only find "system turn," used twice in the whole Solar PDF, both in this rule section. What gives?

Thanks for any clarification :)
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Re: C11.03.4 Confusion

Postby dazrand on Sun 07 Jan 2018 14:32

A system turn is indeed 1 day (or 2880 tactical turns). The Note in C11.03.4, while using the wrong value for a system turn, still applies.
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Re: C11.03.4 Confusion

Postby Cralis on Sun 07 Jan 2018 22:26

Daz is correct that the numbers are wrong, but everything else is right. It should be 2880 tactical turns per day, the equivalent of 1 system turn. I've marked that for correction.

A1.02.2 says "System scale is resolved in periods of 1 day."

That doesn't say "System Turn", so I'm adding that to the sentence.
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