Multiple Races Populating a Single Body

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Multiple Races Populating a Single Body

Postby krenshala on Sat 20 Feb 2021 22:56

I thought I had posted this here previously, but since it looks like I did not, I wanted to post them for anyone interested.

WARNING: This rule does lead to more work for the SM. The extra is purely the overhead required to determine what order the races living on a specific system body grow in.

Summary Have you ever wanted to have multiple species from your Amalgamated empire living on one world? Did you want to pull a British/Spanish/Portugese/Dutch type colonization of a body already inhabited with a low(er) tech indigenous population? Did you ever want to have a start like the historical (ISF) Rigelians, who supposedly had two sentients on their homeworld (before the Rigelians wiped out the other)? These rules allow for it.

Rule 1: As long as the world is survivable to the race, they are able to emplace populations even if another race is already living there. Emplacement costs are unchanged from the base rules.

Rule 2: Population Growth must be done in a specific order to properly reflect how the multiple races would interact under average situations. The rules for that PU growth order are:
[list=][*]Growth must be done highest EL first, lowest EL last, in order.
[*]If EL matches, growth must be done in highest PU total first, lowest PU last, in order.
[*]If PU totals are equal, growth must be done in emplacement order, first emplaced first to grow, last emplaced last to grow, in order.[/list]
This means a smaller, higher EL race would grow before a lower EL, larger PU race.

Rule 3: Each race has its own Max PU total for the body (as normal for the rules), however, the PU total of all other races reduces that Max PU value.

So, if Race A has a max of 2000 PU, and 1000 PU in place, and Race B has a max of 1500 PU, and 500 PU in place, then Race A would grow first, and get to grow as their max would be (2000 - 500 = 1500 PU). Race B, on the other hand, would have a max of (1500 - 1000 = 500 PU) and thus would not be able to grow further without first increasing their Max PU (by gaining EL). It is entirely possible for a higher EL, smaller PU population to have "room to grow" due to a higher max PU than a lower EL, larger PU population that cannot grow due to the presence of the smaller pop reducing their max PU far enough.

Rule 4: If the body is invaded, no races would grow (normal growth restriction due to ground combat), as the entire world would be considered to be involved in the ground combat, even if not all the races living there are involved in the war. Half of any collateral damage (FRU) would affect the target population, with the remaining half affecting all other populations equally (divided evenly, lowest EL first, highest EL last).
-- krenshala
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