New tech item - Tachyon Transmission units

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Re: New tech item - Tachyon Transmission units

Postby procyon on Wed 01 May 2013 11:25

This is also why we like smaller games.
Could you see doing this if you had 40 fleets with admirals and 15 hab planets with graded Govs and dozens of construction projects and half a dozen colonization nauseum.

I really haven't seen any computer support that takes the work out of this. You still have to set up each message.
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Re: New tech item - Tachyon Transmission units

Postby Vandervecken on Mon 22 Jul 2013 01:57

I made some minor changes to some stuff in this Forum so I'll just post it all fresh right here. This tech is again used to help simplify communications in games. There will be many times that an empire will still be dependent on CDs, (CC), the CFN, and dedicated courier vessels; as not all ships or even fleets will be able to carry or afford a vessel equipped with Tachyon Transmission units (Especially the Sender unit). I expect that many players will skip this House rule for 1 reason or another, but I like what it does and thats why I continue to champion it. A vessel carrying a sender or transceiver will be a nice juicy target at the early to middle ELs as they are a massive allocation of HS and MCr early on. What offensive, defensive, tech, or colonization expenditures did you forfit for that little bit of 'Communication Heaven'.

& + Tachyon Transmission Technology

Note: Opens from the Electronics Tree at SL 3. Also needs Science Instruments SL 3 and Shields SL 2 to be developed before this Tree can be opened.

Tachyon Transmission Technology is the development of a system using Tachyons to send and receive communications. Because of the nature of the Tachyon particles this system creates, there is no time delay between the sending unit and the receiving unit, no matter what the distance between the two units is. Tachyons cannot be aimed. When you modify a Tachyon, it's subtle but distinct change becomes everywhere for a very, very brief time. Tachyon Transmission Senders modify Tachyon energy levels and the time between each modified tachyon pulse to send hard to decrypt communications that the receiver decodes. See Section U and P1.04 for capturing codes to allow an enemy to read enemy Tachyon transmissions. Tachyon Transmissions are virtually instantaneous. Tachyon messages cannot penetrate an Active drive field, even station-keeping fields and the pseudo- fields of Tractors. Only units that drop their drive fields and are not ‘tractoring’ nor being ‘tractored’ are eligible to send or receive Tachyon Transmissions. Tachyon Transmissions can penetrate shields but are garbled beyond comprehension when doing so. So sending or receiving a Tachyon Transmission also requires shield to be turned off the movement impulse a transmission is made. Only Large Spacecraft can mount items that incorporate Tachyon Transmission Technology. When used as a part of a communications or message link, the parts that use Tachyon Transmission count a 0 (Zero) time against the message getting to its destination.

There are 2 separate parts to this technology, the larger sending unit and the smaller receiver. The reason the sending unit is larger is that it takes a lot more space and energy to modify a Tachyon than to read one. A ship can be designed with a receiver (&r), a sender (&s), or both of these components. Sender components cannot receive and receiver components cannot send. If you want both of the Tachyon Transmission capabilities on one (Large) spacecraft then both a receiver (&r) and a sender (&s) will need to be placed on the vessel. Receivers (&r) can be placed anywhere after Shields, Armor, and Non-internal Datalinks. Senders (&s) can only be located in the slot between Shields and Armor. Senders are built into the hull to some degree. This is only a problem if refitting a Sender into a hull that did not have a sender unit that size or larger in it before. Double the task size and base cost to refit hulls to place a Sender unit into a Large Spacecraft that didn’t have as sender unit in it prior to the refit or if placing a larger Sender unit in to a vessel that had a smaller one in it. Because the size of the Sender unit goes down with the increase in SL, the second reason to double task size and base cost will rarely be used.
• Tachyon Transmission Senders take 3 damage points to destroy but are inoperable after the first damage point is done to the Sender (no matter where from left to right it falls). Since there are always a three character code for Sender units including the generational code, each character can represent one hit on the Sender unit.
• Tachyon Transmission Senders (&s) cannot use E2 Emergency Repairs if more than one point of damage has been done to the Sender unit. A point of damage to any of the three points of a jury-rigged (emergency repaired) Sender will also prevent all further Emergency repairs.
• Tachyon Transmission Senders are considered half of their actual cost for N6.03 Tech Development RP costs.
• Tachyon Transmission Receiver units take 1 damage point to be destroyed and have a -1 to emergency repair rolls as they are harder to jury-rig than most tech systems.

Tachyon Transmissions are affected by large gravity sources and become unreadable if sent or read too close to objects that have large gravity fields such as Stars, Planets, and Moons. Transmissions that are affected are:
1) Inside 2 tactical hexes radius of any mass 0 moons. (1 tH radius out from that moon.)
2) Inside 5 x Planet mass tactical hexes. (Example: for mass 2 world = 5 x 2 = 10, so a 9 tH radius out from that world) Make sure you don't have a Tachyon Transmission unit on a base that is in an orbit at or next to a moon of that planet.
3) Tachyons seem to think that size matters more than mass for Stars. For Stars, use Table W5.03.1 Star size and multiply by 30, any Tachyon Transmission unit at or inside this radius will not be able to send or read Tachyon Transmissions. Round all tH fractions up to the next sH for stars only. All stars including Neutron stars have a 1 sH radius minimum black-out area. (Example 1: for a Blue Giant = 6 x 30 = 180 LM or 15 sH, so nor Tachyon communications are possible out to and including 15 sH out from that star. Example 2: for a Yellow Star = 20 tH x 30 = 600 tH or 2.5 sH. This 2.5 sH rounds up to 3 sH.
4) If a Large Spacecraft is outside the planetary radius of effect but at or inside the Stars radius of effect, it cannot us Tachyon Transmission units.
5) Asteroid Forts, Titan or smaller ships, and Humongous Space Stations are still too small in mass/size to prevent Tachyon Transmissions from occuring.
6) All active Gravimetric Drives block Tachyon Transmission in the same tH they are in.

* Note that both (&ra) and (&sa) are available to be developed as Tech Items once the Critical project that opens the Tree at SL3 is completed.

Transceiver data now added per LesMasters feedback below: You can buy both the Sender unit and the Receiver unit as a combined Transceiver unit that is based on the Sender unit; it has the latest receiver unit immediately above it (The Receiver unit that is closest lower SL to the Sender). To note a transceiver, just add a 'r' after the normal Sender notation. Example: a (&sir) is a combination of a (&Si) and a (&rn) and is available at SL 23 in Tachyon Transmission Technology. This transceiver does not need to be Tech Item researched, you automatically have access to it once you have the finished the SL that is 1 above the Senders SL and have successfully researched the Tech Items for the Sender and the Receiver units Listed in the notes for that Transceiver. All transceivers take 4 damage points to destroy but they are not functional after the first damage point. It is placed in the slot between Shields and Armor which risks the Receiver earlier than if separate. Emergency repairs can only be done if the item has 1 damage point (But not necessarily the leftmost damage point). If 1 point of damage has already been emergency repaired, no other damage point can be emergency repaired until the all damage points to the Transceiver has be fully repaired at a shipyard or machine shop. Since there are no receiver units that are below the (&sa), there is no transceiver that can be made till you have the (&sb) and (&rb) tech items which Combine to create the (&sbr) which is available SL9 for free if both the (&sb) and (&rb) have been developed as Tech items.

This last edit (July 23, 2013) was a small lowering of cost for some sender units and lowering of Base TL for this tech to SL 3 in Electronics (In my universe). I also switched the combined Transceiver cost from -20 MCr to - about 95% of combined cost (A larger savings) and HS reduced went from -1 HS when combined to about 5% less of the combined HS.

Code: Select all
SL       Code   Cost   Space   Notes
3{h}    (&sa)    100     10     Sending Unit
-       (&ra)    500     44     Receiving Unit
6       (&rb)    110     8      Receiving Unit
7{c}    (&sb)    520     38     Sending Unit
8       (&sbr)   599     44     Transceiver Unit (&sb) and (&rb)
9       (&re)    120     7      Receiving Unit
12      (&ri)    130     6      Receiving Unit
14{k}   (&se)    540     32     Sending Unit
15      (&ser)   636     36     Transceiver Unit (&se) and (&ri)
16      (&rm)    140     5      Receiving Unit
20      (&rn)    150     4.5    Receiving Unit
22{c}   (&si)    560     28     Sending Unit
23      (&sir)   674     31     Transceiver Unit (&si) and (&rn)
25      (&ro)    160     4      Receiving Unit
30      (&rq)    170     3.5    Receiving Unit
31{k}   (&sm)    580     25     Sending Unit
32      (&smr)   712     27     Transceiver Unit (&sm) and (&rq)
34      (&rs)    180     3      Receiving Unit
37{k}   (&sn)    600     20     Sending Unit
38      (&snr)   741     22     Transceiver Unit (&sn) and (&rs)
39      (&ru)    190     2.5    Receiving Unit
40{k}   (&so)    620     17     Sending Unit
41      (&sor)   769     18.5   Transceiver Unit (&so) and (&ru)
43      (&rw)    200     2      Receiving Unit
44{k}   (&sq)    640     14     Sending Unit
45      (&sqr)   798     15     Transceiver Unit (&sq) and (&rw)
47{k}   (&ss)    666     10     Sending Unit
48      (&ssr)   823     11.5   Transceiver Unit (&ss) and (&rw)

&x + Tachyon Transmission Scrambler

Note: Opens from the Electronics Tree at SL 21. Also needs Science Instruments SL 18 and Shields SL 18 to be developed before this Tree can be opened. It can only be opened if the empire has Tachyon Transmission Tech or has met an Ally/Neutral/Enemy that has used Tachyon Transmission tech and the empire has knowledge of it thru scanning or espionage.

This Gravity influencing device causes an area of space to become unreadable much like being in the influence of a Star, Planet, or Moon. Its sole purpose is to cause tachyon ‘White Noise’ which makes reading any tachyon signals in the area of the Scrambler impossible. It takes several orders less energy to do so using this device than trying to move a mass 0 moon(&xa), a star (&xb and &xe), or galactic center mass Black Hole (&xi). Note that the "White Noise" it produces versus Tachyon Transmissions affects all tachyon transmissions in the Scramblers listed area of effect. This means that while active, ALL transmissions are blocked in the affected area whether they are inbound, outbound, or come to or from Enemy, Neutral, Friendly, or your own Empire’s units.

Code: Select all
SL      Code   Cost   Space   Notes
21{H}   (&xa)   160     8      Blocks Tachyon Transmissions in same or adjacent tH
22{c}   (&xb)   300     16     Blocks Tachyon Transmissions in same sH
28{k}   (&xe)   420     24     Blocks Tachyon Transmissions in 30 sH radius
35{k}   (&xi)   500     28     Blocks Tachyon transmissions in 6 STmP radius
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Re: New tech item - Tachyon Transmission units

Postby Vandervecken on Tue 23 Jul 2013 06:39

Cleaned up the previous entry and then added Transceivers to the master TTT data chart. This allowed me to clean up the numbers and get rid of having players need to do the math to find the cost and HS of the Transceiver. Two of my empires from my "Three Empires" campaign will soon be able to add this to their breakthrough lists. The Hivers could already do this but have a lesser need due to their special Hiver ability.

Unless someone has a great Tachyon Transmission Technology idea, like LesMasters did, I'm very happy with where this is at this time. If anyone sees a side case that could be added due to rules interaction, its last call, heheheee.
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Re: New tech item - Tachyon Transmission units

Postby SCC on Mon 02 Sep 2013 23:41

How does this interact with section P?
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