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Re: Large Unit "AP"

Postby Lomn on Thu 10 Mar 2016 15:58

Oh, yeah, it gets complex in a hurry. And as you noted upthread, that's the potential for a lot of rules text for a corner case.

That's why, rather than trying to ask about full ship control or damage status or what have you, I tried to find a line of "entirely self-motivated". If the decision to scuttle is in any way tied to the tactical situation, then D7.04.4 addresses that. RM/2 is potentially a really low chance of success for a scuttling charge, but it quickly handles stress and other factors.

So, I tried to tailor the idea to decisions that are strategic in nature. If it's high-level enough that the player-as-Emperor can write a directive to cover it ("evac and scuttle unit X on date Y"), then circumventing the RM roll seems reasonable. In that regard, the case I gave up-thread of "detonate the ships under refit if a battle is lost" probably doesn't pass muster. Keep something on hand that can blow up the ships.
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