So... who'd like to see Starfire I, II, and III in pdf?

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Re: So... who'd like to see Starfire I, II, and III in pdf?

Postby aramis on Fri 08 Dec 2017 21:33

VoidStalker_WoE wrote:
aramis wrote:Java works across platforms, but is clunky much of the time.
I wonder if it would be workable for things like shipyards and sysgen applications? Not something needed for when the game is going on, but for when your wanting to do the books. I just don't know about spreadsheets, and so find them to intimidating to even attempt to learn, lol.

I'm so glad to see the game being sold actively once again! Now I just need to get all of my buddies to go out and buy it!!!

Yes, it would. The hard part is picking the right cross-platform display library.

Pick the wrong one, and it's unusable on any... :cry:

Seriously, it's pretty well cross-platform... provided you grab the correct libraries.

You're going to want to target 4-6 environments.
windows X

Another option, albeit pretty odd, is to use an interpreted environment.
Dos 6.22 software runs fine in DosBox
z-Code can be run on z-machines - and those are virtual machines which are available for the 25 top OS's... and more. There's even one for C64, Blackberry, PalmOS, and CP/M.
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