My first real-orbit

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Re: My first real-orbit

Postby Whitecold on Tue 26 Nov 2019 00:37

I have not played in a while, but just a few essentials I'd like to mention:
-Kerbal Alarm Clock: Interrupts time wrap at certain points, important to not forget your mid course corrections.
-MechJeb: Yes, this is an autopilot. Yes, some consider it cheating. However, it DOES have a porkchop polt calculator, and it does calculate DeltaV and TWR of your stages, which is invaluable.
Make sure to fly some maneuvers yourself to prove yourself you can, but your umpteenth ascent you can safely leave to Mechjeb when constructing your large space station.
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Re: My first real-orbit

Postby krenshala on Mon 24 Feb 2020 22:10

I actually started playing again recently. Unfortunately, they just released 1.9, which means all by mods broke just a week ago. :(

As for mods, I don't use Mechjeb, but I do use Kerbal Engineer. All the dials (and then some) without the autopilot. But then I like to fly the craft, even if I've done it a lot. I'd love to get into KOS, but sadly barely have time for KSP, let alone a new scripting language to learn to have my scripts fly teh rockets for me. ;)

My preferred mix of mods (for those interested):
  • Remote Tech (includes an autopilot for probe cores)
  • Kerbal Engineer Redux
  • Kerbal Alarm Clock
  • Persistent Rotation (time warp doesn't stop your craft from rotating, and it adds relative rotation, e.g., always faces one way relative to the body it orbits, or a specific body regardless of current position).
  • Distant Object Enhancement
  • Scatterer
  • Kerbal Inventory System/Kerbal Attachment System (in space repairs!)
  • ScanSAT (for all your planetary scanning needs)
  • Ferram Aerospace Research (aka FAR; improved aerodynamic model)
  • Custom Asteroids and Kerbal Comets
  • Crew R&R (crew have a vacation when they return to Kerbin based on mission length)
  • Outer Planets Mod and Kopernicus (the former requires the latter)
  • and the Stockalike Station Parts part mod
A pittance compared to some mod loadouts I've read/seen. :)
-- krenshala
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Yeah, I'm finally back (again)! Sometimes, life (and 13yo son's) don't leave you time to play SF and earn a paycheck. :/

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