Time and distance scale in [Starfire I]

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Time and distance scale in [Starfire I]

Postby VoidStalker_WoE on Fri 29 Dec 2017 07:12

Time and distances as listed in SF1 are not to my liking, for reasons that will become obvious later on, but for now let's just go with the information provided here.

In my house rules campaign based loosely upon Starfire I and Starfire III, my scale is going to be the following:
Light speed is going to be defined as being exactly 180,000 miles in this game, and thus a Light Second is this same 180,000 miles, so a mile in my game is a tiny bit longer than a mile in real life. Not so bad, right? The tactical hexes used in my game are 60,000 miles across, so the above LS is exactly 3 tactical hexes, again, not so bad, right? Finally, a tactical combat round in my game is 5 minutes time. That's right, 5 minutes, or 300 seconds! :o That means that light travels 900 tactical hexes, or put another way, 54 million miles in one tactical turn (over 1/2 the distance from the Sun to the Earth, or 1 AU), and that crewmembers aboard ships taken by surprise have 300 seconds to get to "battle stations". For weapons fire, this scale would give beam weapons the time to reach targets up to 30 hexes away, 30 times over, and projectile weapons, limited to say a hypothetical max speed of .1 C, can still reach the same targets 3 times over! For ships movement, a ship traveling at speed one in my game, is traveling at 200 miles/second, or 720,000 MPH! Put another way, a ship in my game, traveling at speed one, could reach Pluto when starting at the Sun, in 5,000 hours, or ~108 days one way. Of course, Pluto is far from the outermost edge of the Sol system, but then too, ships are not limited to speed one!

Given these numbers, does anyone care to comment on things?
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