Here we go again!

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Here we go again!

Postby olivertheorem on Tue 16 Jun 2015 20:10

This is going to be my second attempt at a solo campaign. I'm really treating this first race mostly like an NPR, but running it intelligently and in keeping with their character.

Our inaugural protagonists will be the Kingdom of the Thousand Stars, an absolute monarchy who makes their home on the moonless T planet Gagluna in the Psi Parada system (single yellow star). Statwise, they have RM 5, RD 60 (the only active stat), and RC 45. They are extremely efficient at SL research, saving 50% on RP costs, but their population grows slowly (.8%), construction costs more (+10%), and they have slow reaction times (-1 initiative). [I house-ruled this a bit, it's all random]

The Gaglunans are a kind race, being benevolent towards fellow HEL races and level A relations with LEL races (once they meet them anyway). They're not super-ambitions explorers, being only average in that department. Due to historical trends in the Thousand Stars' rise to global power, they like to build big ships (only using the max size hull) and use long-range weapons almost exclusively) [justification: from the middle ages on the army with the biggest, longest-range weapons always won, so they don't consider short-range combat meaningful...yet].

They're on the verge of EL3, which they desperately need since their homeworld population is so small (1180 PU). The Gaglunans also have a colony on the first moon of the gas giant Peiliv, and a normal-richness ST world next door. There are two (known) warp points, but neither has yet been explored, though an 18-ship survey fleet has been prepared for that purpose.

Now, designs and starting fleet. Don't pay too much attention to system order; I plan to house-rule how damage works a bit so that system order doesn't matter as much.

18 Venture-class survey vessels (EX): S A 2Ja Qa Xa (Bsa) [st]
2 Knight-class missile cruisers (DD): 4S 4A 3(JaJa) 2Qa 2Ra La Ya Mg
1 Rover-class patrol boat (ES): S 2A 3Ja Qa La Ya
1 Stalwart-class defense base (BS1): 4S 5A 2Qa 4Ra Ya Mg M1
1 Ratchet-class tug (FT4): 2(IcaIca) 2Qa (Ica#6) 2Ta
4 Crater-class cargo haulers (FT2): 2Ica Qa 10H Qv
2 Eagle-class transports (FT4): 2(IcaIca) 2Qa 11H 9Qv
6 Rose-class transports (FT0): Ica Qa 3H Qv

Early goals:
1) explore those warp points
2) maximize R&D spending
3) colonize the home system to increase revenue
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Re: Here we go again!

Postby Cralis on Wed 17 Jun 2015 09:39

olivertheorem wrote:Don't pay too much attention to system order; I plan to house-rule how damage works a bit so that system order doesn't matter as much.

You might consider a separate topic to discuss this, as the old timers will likely have some suggestions to help you keep your new damage system robust, and may think of things you may not have thought of or encountered yet.
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