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Thousand Stars, turn 1

PostPosted: Sat 20 Jun 2015 19:30
by olivertheorem
Turn 1, in rough order of section J. Any colony/system body name with a digit is a moon.

Population Growth
Gagluna +9.4 PU (now 1189.4)
Peiliv 1 +0.3 PU (now 40.3)

Total Imperial Revenue

Maintenance Costs

EL Research - 418.4 (10 RPs toward EL 3, 167 total RPs)

R&D Spending - 350.0 total
10 startup RPs for SL2 in Missiles, Science Instruments, Tactical Drives, and Life Support
10 regular RPs for SL2 in Sensors, Armor (both at 20 total)

New Construction - 230.0
5 new Rose-class freighters @ 46.0 each, all completed during turn 1, destined for the CFN

Colonization - 188.5
20 free PTU from Gagluna to ST planet Vuynov in Psi Parada system, cost after using 159 free H and 15 free Qv

PT-1 Rover orbits unexplored WP2, keeping it in sensor range at all times

Royal Defense Fleet 1, commanded by Rear Admiral Gline Phernett, orbits homeworld

Exploratory Fleet 1 goes through WP1, discovers binary system (named Cesnoaria), including one T world, begins survey of T world (18 Xa and 18 st, totaling 54 SP over one StMP, survey complete) [please check this math]
Fleet command sends one ship back to WP to communicate info on T world to Gagluna.

Orange primary, planets in order - T (1 mB), B (1 mB), G (2 mB), B (1 mB), G (3 mB), AST-F
Red secondary, planets in order - H, G (5 mB), G (5 mB), I (2 mF), F (2 mF)

EL 3 reached!

Begin turn 2 processing.

Re: Thousand Stars, turn 1

PostPosted: Sat 20 Jun 2015 21:12
by Cralis
An adjacent T world. Nice!