Swimming to the Stars

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Swimming to the Stars

Postby Bolfry on Tue 18 Sep 2012 08:55

This is only a rough draft and meant to be a sketch of sorts to get my head "into the game" and into my race's head... I just thought I'd share it. I'm sure it will continue...(side note: my formatting when I copy/past from word doesn't stay? I see indent in my post, but not in the preview :( )

Swimming to the Stars

The planet wobbled. The oddity of the action piqued Darkah’s curiousity. He learned the basics of astrophysics and astromechanics during his studies at Storah, the planet’s premier university; but actually seeing it was far different than crunching numbers. His head bobbed as he rehearsed the formula. It was a sweet lilting yet sorrowful sounding song. It carried well enough in the atmosphere of the space station, but the emotion of it was muted. The songs carried much better in the aquatic setting of a university classroom.

There it was again, and right on time! It was easier to notice as Home Fleet one passed the planet on the side opposite the space station in which Darkah stood. The wobble was slight, even insignificant, and required he activated the sensitive targeting system grown in his brain and eyes. Darkah did not actually see the planet wobble, but his targeting system registered a larger profile for the Kahri, the destroyer flagship of the fleet. The targeting system was a small “gift” from the Overclan’s military training facility some hundred miles below his feet on the dark side of the planet. Everyone graduating The Academy received one, no matter their rank.

In Darkah’s case, he was a higher level junior officer, the sum of both his academic training and the rank of his family. With only one level of officers below him, and six yet above, there was little to say about the authority or responsibilities which came with the small silver fish hanging from the chain around his neck.

The fish was nothing spectacular in the ecosystem of the planet below his feet. The Shala fish was neither a fierce predator nor common prey to others.