Numbered Hex Grid for MapTool (VTT)

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Numbered Hex Grid for MapTool (VTT)

Postby Skarn on Sun 03 Jun 2018 07:09

If anybody else here uses MapTool, I've created a numbered hex grid that does not use any Starfire IP, but which I expect should be suitable for any edition of the tactical game. At 48x33 (numbered), it is slightly larger than the old 6-part paper map (42x30).

The hex map also continues past the numbered grid if you prefer to allow for running battles.

This map was originally part of a larger project. As soon as I get the Game Aid Agreement(s) ironed out with SDS and a (hopefully affirmative) response from Aramis in his StarfireCounters font thread from the Original Starfire subforum, I'll be submitting two game aids for the official distribution area:
  1. A MapTool framework for 1st Edition, Starfire III: Empires, containing all of the starting maps required for a campaign. (The 6 starting systems; the Galactic Hex Chart; and the blank, numbered grid for tactical battles and newly explored systems)
  2. A collection of 1E/2E style ship tokens in PNG format suitable for (almost all) virtual tabletop systems. They are currently configured with TFN & KON background colors, but more empires can be easily added.
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Re: Numbered Hex Grid for MapTool (VTT)

Postby aramis on Sat 09 Jun 2018 12:41

Consider this your approval from me.
Just please give credit.
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Re: Numbered Hex Grid for MapTool (VTT)

Postby Tesuji on Sat 09 Jun 2018 15:55

Great to hear!

Currently I am also working on a programmatic template to create maps.
If done, I will also considering integrating the font types. Would be very useful, when creating scenarios.
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