On February 1st, 2012, the SDS released the current edition of STARFIRE. Based on the Ultra Starfire ruleset, the Solar Starfire rules have been designed for story-based campaign play. The rules are being designed to tell the story of a new background history — the History of the Terran Solar Union. This means new concepts, new technologies, and new rules!
With such a vast number of changes to the rules, changes to the technology, and plans for continued updates and revisions based on the events in the history, SOLAR STARFIRE is planned to be under continuous development and expansion.
Quick Start Rules
The Quick Start Rules is a free downloadable introduction to the tactical rules for Solar Starfire. Included are several tiers of rules starting with the basics of tactical combat and then adding additional technologies and rules concepts. There are scenarios to play for each tier of the rules. And for ease of play there are printable counters and a page-sized map that can be glued to cardboard to make counters so new players can try the game without buying all of the pieces first!
The Quick Start Rules for Miniatures is another free, but experimental version of the Quick Start Rules that has been tailored for playing with miniatures on an open tabletop! Included is a cutout for the turnkey to turn the miniatures the correct number of degrees, and additional rules for handling the differences in arc of fire and movement using miniatures.