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Writing Guildlines

Postby Starfire on Tue 21 Jul 2009 09:47

Below are some questions and answers given about writing Starfire Fiction over the years.

> Okay, figured 2 books, centered on Commander Howard Anderson, but including
> two other human main characters, an admiral in the admiralty at home, who
> mobilizes the industrial base to make the ships that Anderson needs, and a
> young lieut who rises to command of his own CA through the course of the war.

I have a big problem with "centered on Commander Howard Anderson".

#1 That particular character (and a couple of others) are the ideas of David Weber. (Retorical question) Do you think that it is fair to allow another Author to do writing based on Characters and Storylines that you once created? TFG [SDS] does not think that this is fair to David Weber dispite the fact that we own the copyright. Let's let Weber develop his own characters. If you wish/need to mention H.Anderson a couple of times, that is understandable but not "centered" on him.

#2 The ISW wars are not the only wars that either the TFN or the KON fought. The KON is unlimited in possiblities. Everyone likes the TFN but it would be much more interesting to see things developed on the KON side.

#3 The TFN has fought other MAJOR wars. The section of the Encyclopedia Galatica that we normally read is actually only covering one section of the TFN (Hmm. It might just be a biography of H.Anderson). I'm not sure that we could do something that treatens the total destruction of the TFN but anything else is probably going to be fine including the destruction of a "sector capital".

#4 The written history certainly does NOT cover all of the battles that were fought during the ISW-# wars. If fact, it doesn't even necessarily cover all of the main campaigns. Written history is mainly just written about/around H.Anderson. That leaves an increadible amount of space uncovered.

#5 Great gaps in time are present though-out the timeline. Those could have wars in them.

> 1) Are there other engagements in the war that I can design and use as needed
> in a book?

Yes. Makeup what ever you need and I'll see if I can approve it.

> 2) Were there any boarding actions in any of the first three interstellar
> wars? This is apart from boarding cripples at the end of a battle, ie did
> anyone board an operational warship, or did this not happen until later wars?

NO. However, ground battles and rebel takeovers of ships might create a battle aboard a ship. The Thebans were the first race to do boarding.

> 3) Is the list of ships in the Stars At War complete for the entire war?

NO. Absolutely not.

> 4) Do you have an interstellar map of the interior of the Terran empire? I
> wanted to know, specifically, the sequence of Jumps from Terra to VX-134.

I have a map of PUBLISHED sections. As far as we can tell, less that 15% of the TFN has been mapped.

Terra ~~ VX-134 (short route #1) ...
Sol - Proxima Centauris - Epsilon Eridani - VX-134.
Terra ~~ VX-134 (short route #2)
Sol - Proxima Centauris - Orphichon - VX-134.
Terra ~~ VX-134 (side route #1)
Sol - Proxima Centauris - Epsilon Indi - Galloway's Star - Alkazahr - Terhae - Zimeli - VX-134.

PS: There are a number of other route but they are quite long.

> [For long term plans, the two young commanders I referred to would be two of
> the force leaders that take out Rigel, if these books are written, and the
> series is expanded out. Actually, I was considering Admiral Minerva Waldeck
> as the Terran and I am not sure about the Orion. The further series could
> consist of 1 book for ISW-2, 1 for the Gorm-Khanate and 1 for the Rigel (ISW-
> 3) But that is in the future yet.]

Admiral Minerva Waldeck (I believe it is that Waldeck) is heavily covered in ISW-4. See if you can use someone else.

I don't want to discourage you because I think that possiblities are there. I'm quite flexible about the timeline and adding new wars.

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Re: Writing Guildlines

Postby Rigelian12 on Sat 11 Aug 2012 16:53

i'm a big fan of the Rigelians,

could that be something I could right about, or do I need David Weber's approval to do this.

It's based around the Rigelians outwitting the "Grand Alliance", and rebuild to a level more advanced than the Terran Federation and the Khanate Of Orion. A new Homeworld was set up a year before the Destruction of Rigel IV, on a system with a closed warp point in a system close by.
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Re: Writing Guildlines

Postby Cralis on Sat 11 Aug 2012 17:41

Rigelian12 wrote:i'm a big fan of the Rigelians,

could that be something I could right about, or do I need David Weber's approval to do this.

You only need permission if you intend to publish. Otherwise, write away!
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Re: Writing Guildlines

Postby AlexeiTimoshenko on Tue 18 Sep 2012 18:05

Starfire wrote:Admiral Minerva Waldeck (I believe it is that Waldeck) is heavily covered in ISW-4. See if you can use someone else.

Minerva Waldeck is from ISW-3. She was the TFN's first great carrier admiral.

Demosthenes Waldeck is heavily covered the first half of IDG. He was Admiral Murakuma's 2nd in command. In Shiva he is promoted to command of 5th fleet when Murakuma takes over 6th fleet.
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