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New Tech Timeline

Postby brasidas19004 on Wed 08 Apr 2020 11:45


I re-did the tech timeline for Starfire 2nd Edition. If that is heresy for you, well, just close this message and take a walk outside and get a few deep breaths of fresh spring air. :D I've felt for a while that the tech fluff made for a nice intro to the game system, but was a bit unrealistic and didn't give players enough chance to learn the tactics of each development - it's like they were all suddenly available and it's a bit overwhelming for a new player. Only urgent necessity brings huge funding streams to the military, so to refit and/or create new classes is not quite as optimistic as presented in the 2nd Ed. chronology. I feel this is more realistic as well as makes for better game play.

All offensive and defensive systems are now in a logical progression of responding to a technological state, and create a pendulum of tech development that corresponds to ship design.

My intent at this point is to slow the rate of development down chronologically so it is a bit more like a year or two between developments, possibly several years for a major breakthru. This will make the pace a bit more like...Sailing - Steam - Ironclads - Predreadnoughts - dreadnoughts - WWI - WWII - Modern era, altho it won't mirror that exactly, of course.

With this slower rate of developments, I plan to play out significant battles with new ship designs in a new chronology.

If you are interested in seeing what I've done, just PM me your contact info. Would welcome healthy critique!

Best, Ale
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Lieutenant JG
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Re: New Tech Timeline

Postby Cralis on Thu 09 Apr 2020 23:31

You can always post an outline of what you've done. I've seen lots of SpaceMasters run games where they have slowed down technological progression so that they get a similar result to what you are describing.

While we would have a problem with you posting sections of rules, if you want to ask a question about a specific rule(s) or talk about the actual changes you've made: go ahead and post it. Even I have quoted rules on occasion in the forums.
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