Earth Is Literally Moving Less Now We're All on Lockdown

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Earth Is Literally Moving Less Now We're All on Lockdown

Postby southwestforests on Wed 01 Apr 2020 16:40

Hmm, interesting.
Wonder what possibilities from it might become something gameable?

Earth Is Literally Moving Less Now That We're All on Lockdown
It's a good time to be a seismologist.
By Caroline Delbert
Apr 1, 2020

... Now, the resulting quiet means surface seismic readings are as clear as the ones scientists usually get from the same instruments buried 100 meters beneath the Earth’s surface, making measurements more more specific and easier to use and understand. Any seismic noise that falls into the same instrument range as human noise is suddenly much clearer, like if you were trying to listen to two people talking and one simply stopped.
Seismology isn’t the only field experiencing a temporary sea change due to COVID-19 (coronavirus) human activity. Weather expert Dr. Marshall Shepherd reported that infrasound, which is noise below the frequency of human hearing but in this case not seismic noise, has also decreased. Shepherd's colleague told him that one of the big local examples of infrasound was from a wind tunnel research facility, and when that facility temporarily closed, a large amount of infrasound went quiet.

Climate and weather science are experiencing fluke readings, too. Much has been made of how China’s amount of pollution has fallen during lockdown, similar to the impact during a no-fly time in 2010, when a volcano in Iceland blanketed Europe with ash. (That event was balanced out perhaps, by how much toxic gas came out of the volcano.) And weather observation and prediction might suffer because of the almost total stoppage of passenger flights, which record important data all day every day.
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Re: Earth Is Literally Moving Less Now We're All on Lockdown

Postby Cralis on Wed 01 Apr 2020 23:49

That is pretty interesting... makes you wonder if they'll be able to learn how to filter out all that noise now that they know more of what it sounds like without it?
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