Jack Coggins, Master of space art

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Jack Coggins, Master of space art

Postby southwestforests on Sat 19 Dec 2020 17:50

Came across this about Jack Coggins, who was eventually declared a Master of space art, what we now would call vintage space art.
In 1985, Jack Coggins received the Americanism Award from the Daniel Boone National Foundation and in 1989, he received the Purchase Award from the Mystic Maritime Gallery. He received the Rudolph Shaeffer Award in the International Maritime Exhibition from 1987 to 1990, the Pagoda Award from the Berks Arts Council in 1995, and the Revolution Round Table Award. In 2000 he was inducted to the International Association of Astronomical Artists Hall of Fame as a Living Legend and celebrated master of the genre of Space Art.

Click on the images below to see the collection


Even though Starfire abstracts ground stuff I think this kinda fits one vision of the game's flavor
Retro Mars rover illustration by Jack Coggins
Picture of the Day 4/9/2018 - Retro Mars rover illustration by Jack Coggins from "Rockets, Satellites, and Space Travel" book (1958).

https://www.humanmars.net/2018/09/retro ... -jack.html
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Re: Jack Coggins, Master of space art

Postby Cralis on Sun 20 Dec 2020 19:35

He has a very '50s and '60s sci-fi vibe. You don't see any people doing that kind of art these days. It would fit with original Starfire (1st & 2nd edition) art pretty well.
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