"Blast Off" book about golden age of space toys

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"Blast Off" book about golden age of space toys

Postby southwestforests on Fri 19 Feb 2021 20:04

A fun and interesting book arrived today!
It is a veritable cornucopia of inspiration for model builds which will:
a, probably never happen
b, be even slower than the ones I have going now if they do

Had been on Amazon wish list for a few years & earlier this month it appeared in hardcover for half original price for sale by a Friends of a Library I forget where.

:?: When are people who are shipping books going to engage their brains and go, “Oh, if I ship this large and/or heavy hardcover IN A BAG the cover corners will get crunched!”?
Other than that it is in excellent shape.

Book is also informative to the degree that there are listings of the products in the endpaper montages.




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Re: "Blast Off" book about golden age of space toys

Postby krenshala on Wed 24 Feb 2021 15:19

looks neat. :)

And I agree on shipping. Even just adding a cardboard wrap around would protect those corners when shipped using a bag.
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