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Re: ULTRA Mini-Contest #5: Apr 17 to May 1

Postby dazrand on Sat 30 Apr 2011 15:36

Subterranian Seismic Resonators (SSR)

A specially constructed warhead loosely based on the heavy version of missiles, sprint missiles, or kinetic weapons. The warhead was designed to inflict damage to populations which could be mistaken for acts of nature. The oversized warheads use miniature gravity generators to increase the tectonic stress on continental plates. They do no damage to large or small units (Note: no damage to AF either).
Each (SSR) is treated like an XOBeam and added to the maintenance pool in the same manner. They are one-use weapons and cannot be refurbished after use. Due to the size, an (SSR) is usually launched only from XO racks or very high-level W launchers. The heavy launches cannot fire these warheads.
The to-hit and range used is the race's best developed generation of heavy weapon which opened the tree, but has a -10 applied. The firing race gets a +1 for every 5 SP it has collected on the particular planet (FRD) (Note: There is no upper limit on this modifier). Warheads are intercepted as by point defense as the heavy weapon which opened the tree.
A successful hit destroys 1d10 PU per day for a number of days equal to the warhead's generation. If timing matters, the first seismic events happens 4d10 hours after impact, count the PU as destroyed at that point.
The damage caused by such destruction is the same as a natural occurrence, so genocide modifiers do not apply. A race which collects 75 SP on an attacked planet will learn of the weapon's use and can impose the normal genocide modifiers against the genocidal race (if any).
Tree opens at SL65 from Kh, Rh, or Gh. and has (Gt) as a prereq. Each SL has a {c}.

{c}65{h} - (SSRa) - 40 MC - 20 MSP
{c}70 - (SSRb) - 80 MC - 25 MSP
{c}75 - (SSRe) - 120 MC - 30 MSP
{c}80 - (SSRi) - 160 MC - 35 MSP
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Re: ULTRA Mini-Contest #5: Apr 17 to May 1

Postby mavikfelna on Mon 02 May 2011 14:53

Phasic Generators, Engine Root SL35 {h}
As knowledge and research about drive fields continues to grow, the ability to tap into the multi-dimensional nature of the field becomes much more greatly defined with the discovery of Phasic Generators.

With the discovery of Phasic Generators, the first things they are able to be attached to are engines. This has the affect of doubling the size and cost of the engines they are attached too but it allows everything with the field generated to partially phase into the drive field dimension, often causing weapons fire to pass through the area of the field without interacting with it.

Once the engine affects are better understood, it becomes possible to install Phasic Generators strategically throughout any large mobile unit's hull to improve the performance of that hull.

Finally, as an answer to the Phasic engine shield, generators are mated to weapons to help them sync up with their targets.

game effects:
Phasic Generators are researched in the same fashion as Anti-Matter Generators, with each SL researched being a hazardous project. The tree is unlocked with a knot at SL35 in the Engine Root tree. Each of the three projects in the tree also requires a knot to unlock.
{k} SL 35 {h} Phasic Generators
SL 36 {h} {k} Phasic Engines (Phas)
SL 37 {h} {k} Phasic Hulls (-p)
SL 38 {h} {k} Phasic Weapons (-f)

Phasic Engines is an engine modification that causes 50% of all hits to actually miss the mounting unit. All engines of the same type on a unit must be Phasic in order to get the benefit. Only drive field based engines may use this modification. The ship gains the (Phas) designator in the ship's SSD. All to hit target numbers verses (Phas) equipped units are reduced by 50% FRD after all other modifications.
Phasic Engines double the size and cost of the engines on the equipped unit. IE. Ickb would be 20MCr and 2HS on a (Phas) equipped ship. Jcm would be 58MCr and 1HS.
Improved versions of Phasic Engines are possible but not considered in this treatise. I would recommend every 6SL reducing the size increase by 20% and the cost by 10%.

Phasic Hull is a hull modification like dense or generational hulls. Once the knot is broken for the tech, a prototype of the hull must be built. Once the prototype is build, all previous generation hulls can be built with the Phasic Hull type. Any large mobile unit may be built with a Phasic Hull and it gains the -p designator at the end of the identifier. Phasic Hulls cost +5MCr/HS, and gain +1 speed, -1 turn mode, -1 TS.Phasic Rapid Hulls are possible but expensive.
IE CAp with Iw engines and AM7 has a cost per HS of 10.6, a top speed of 14, TM of 4 and transit size of 4.51% or 3 HS. MMrmdp with Jcm engines and AM7 has a cost per HS of 22.5MCr, a top speed of 12, TM of 7 and a TS of 250.

Phasic Weapons is similar to the -r and -v weapon modifications. Once the initial knot is broken, weapons can be developed with the -f designation. Phasic Weapons are +20% to cost and size. They function normally against non-(Phas) equipped units. Against (Phas) units, the weapon has the to-hit and range characteristics of the previous generation but is not affected by the -50% to hit modifier.
IE, Rcfs is 11.4HS and 444MCr. Against non (Phas) units it acts in all ways as an Rcs. Against (Phas) units, it retains an ROF of 3 but has to-hit and range of the Rcq.
Ecfgvrs would give access to Ecfs, Ecgs, Ecvs, Ecrs and all other possible combinations.

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Re: ULTRA Mini-Contest #5: Apr 17 to May 1 [Closed]

Postby Cralis on Wed 04 May 2011 14:42

This contest is now closed! You got a few extra days, and we have a ton of submissions, so this might take until the weekend to score.
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Re: ULTRA Mini-Contest #5: Apr 17 to May 1 [Closed]

Postby Cralis on Sun 15 May 2011 23:55

Wow! 17 total submissions, the most so far in any of the mini-contests. There were a number of really good submissions, and it came down to some decisions about what will benefit the direction of ULTRA the most! There are a few suggestions though:

Club, you should re-submit the Capital Mine Warhead in the Best New AP Tech mini-contest!

And we disqualified the WP Dredger since that technology was in Extremis, and that branch of technology was mentioned several times in the Alkeda Dawn story. No worries, you got lots of other points... more than anyone I think.

To the winner: the implementation you presented for your technology gave us some incredible ideas on how to use it to be one of the few game-changing technologies in ULTRA! Congratulations!

First Place: Phasic Generators by Mavikfelna! (8 tickets)

Runner Up: Scatter Shot Point Defense by Elminster (4 tickets)

Honorable mention: Zero Point Energy Torpedoes, Graviton Shield Enhancers, Mass Drivers, and Subterranean Seismic Resonators (4 tickets)

Mavikfelna has won two weeks in a row! This week was very successful and resulted in a number of new ideas. And next week is looking to be even more fun! If anyone has any specific questions about how their tech was received in the scoring please PM me, I'm more than happy to let you know so you can get a better idea of how to do future submissions. Especially since we only have 5 more mini-contests to go!

As always, you can view the total scores at viewtopic.php?f=52&t=1031
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Re: ULTRA Mini-Contest #5: Apr 17 to May 1 [Closed]

Postby Club on Mon 16 May 2011 00:30

catter shot PD was Elminster's not mine; cred and points belong to him.
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Re: ULTRA Mini-Contest #5: Apr 17 to May 1 [Closed]

Postby Elminster on Mon 16 May 2011 02:14

While Club is definitely the most crazy... uh... inventive guy... ;-)


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