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Re: ULTRA Mini-Contest #5: Apr 17 to May 1

Postby Club on Fri 22 Apr 2011 19:22

Capital Mine Warhead - APEXc
The capital explosive beam warhead uses a temporary drive field to direct an increased amount of power to into the attacking beam. While not more efficient than the standard EX warhead in terms of mass to energy output, they have much improved range and penetration ability. There are no precision variants.

Size: 5 or 6
Damage/range/skipping: per beta generation capital weapon of type.
Cost: 50MC or more
SL: 25, AP tree

You need a bigger buoy for a single attack, but get more range, and a much better skipping to damage ratio for E and L. You pay a premium for what you get, though.
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Re: ULTRA Mini-Contest #5: Apr 17 to May 1

Postby Club on Fri 22 Apr 2011 19:40

Warp Point Dredger (WPD)

The warp point dredger alters the physics of a warp point to increase its size. While in the hex of a warp point, it increases the base capacity of a warp point by 1 for ships heading toward the side it is on. Only one WPD may be mounted per ship, and only a single datagroup may use their WPD on a warp point at a time. Using the WPD consumes all MP, and both the effect and what ship is causing is detectable at sensor short range.

WPDa, SL 24, 20 HS, 150MC
WPDb, SL 28, 18 HS, 165 MC

Like engines, decreases in size until 10 HS, then decreases in cost.

A big deal for small Warp points, but difficult to use. Limited by your Z/Zc generation, your ability to get the datalink through the WP, your ability to keep it up, and you have to keep the ship on the WP. Be terrified of (Jam.)
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Re: ULTRA Mini-Contest #5: Apr 17 to May 1

Postby Club on Fri 22 Apr 2011 20:03

Zero Point Energy Torpedoes (ZPT)

Scientists discover a way for drive fields to absorb and store huge amounts of energy from cosmic background radiation while traveling at near C speeds. This is useless for ships, but an appropriately modified missile makes a horrific sledgehammer at long range. The drawback is that (ZPT) are completely useless while they accelerate. Counts as a capital weapon that takes up 4 msp per round

cost: ~175
HS: ~6 to 8
SL: ~26
Damage: 0/1/2/2/2/2/2/2/2/2/2/3/3/3/3/3/3/3/3/4/4/4/5/5/5/5/6
to-hit: 6 across the board

Sort of like a reverse-damage-curve kinetic. Extremely dangerous at long range, but ultimately out-ranged by other weapons capital variants, and not as good as other LRW in close.
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Re: ULTRA Mini-Contest #5: Apr 17 to May 1

Postby Club on Fri 22 Apr 2011 20:11

let me guess, you were surprised by the pile I just dumped on you.
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Re: ULTRA Mini-Contest #5: Apr 17 to May 1

Postby Xveers on Fri 22 Apr 2011 20:59

Mass Driver

While conceptually similar to the Kinetic gun, the mass driver goes in the opposite direction. The kinetic gun works by accellerating smaller projectiles, increasing its firepower through RoF improvements and small enhancements to the projectile's design. Recent developments in power management and drive field projectors have allowed development of a much larger version

The mass driver instead works by using singular large projectiles, relying on raw kinetic mass to cause damage. Unfortunately, the size and lack of guidance on the projectile precludes accuracy at long ranges. Where the mass driver excels is hitting stationary targets and bombarding planets.

Design Concepts:
- Low to-hit numbers across the board
- +2 to-hit bonus against large units with no drive field, or under stationkeeping drive (includes targeting PDCs and planetary populations)
- Large size, 20-30 HS. Uses same firing arc rules as Kinetics (should be virtually forced to be a spinal mount).
- When used against PDCs, does 2x damage. When against populations, does 3x damage for purposes of calculating PU, IU losses.
- Unsure if using ammo. Probably yes. If so, should be somewhere around 3-4 msp.

Tech Tree Concept
(Branch this off Kc)
Branch at SL 22
First item: Mda at 23
New items every 4-5 SL (prefer 5)
Main improvements as SL increases are to damage, a slight improvement to accuracy. 1-2 HS reduction in size per 10 SL or so, and a light reduction in cost.
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Re: ULTRA Mini-Contest #5: Apr 17 to May 1

Postby krenshala on Fri 22 Apr 2011 21:13

Club wrote:let me guess, you were surprised by the pile I just dumped on you.

Pleasantly. :D Thank you to those that have submitted, and keep 'em coming! We need more of these! :twisted:
-- krenshala
None survive the harvest!

Yeah, I'm finally back (again)! Sometimes, life (and 13yo son's) don't leave you time to play SF and earn a paycheck. :/

No, really! Matt actually made me an admin here!
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Re: ULTRA Mini-Contest #5: Apr 17 to May 1

Postby Club on Tue 26 Apr 2011 19:20

Aegis Shield (AS)

By massively overbuilding a standard shield generator, a unit may create a shield of incredible density. There are no ship-mounted weapons capable of bringing one down; to do so would take a black hole, simultaneous impact of several thousand tons of near-C neutronium, or a supernova. If the system didn't have so many drawbacks it would be a military godsend.

A ship may trigger an Aegis shield during it's movement by sacrificing all MP. For the rest of the turn the ship mounting the Aegis shield becomes functionally invulnerable; this is detectable at twice long range. The ship loses all shields, drops out of any datalinks, and all tractor locks are disrupted. It may not be used if the unit is experiencing any transit effects

Aegis shields are enormous systems that need time to reset, and they may only be mounted singly; the emitters of a second system would be burnt out by the activation of the first. The speed of their reset is determined by their generation.

MC: 1000
Note: may be used once every 8 turns

Note: may be used once every 6 turns

The best use for this system is probably for the attacker in warp point assaults. It can be used to absorb automated mines, and to survive for a while after shields have been brought down, while more friendlies show up. The fact that it trashes your shields and datalink makes it really disadvantageous to use until your unit have been beat on, limiting it's use in the opening portions of the battle. Also, unless an entire fleet triggers them at once, there will be other things to pound on while the unit is protected
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Re: ULTRA Mini-Contest #5: Apr 17 to May 1

Postby Elminster on Thu 28 Apr 2011 02:34

Scatter Shot Point Defense (SSPd)

Note: Opens from Tractor tree at SL 20

While the name suggests there is some prehistoric technology involved, the opposite is true. The name is the result of a loud outspoken thought of a junior scientist after the first successful test of this system. It has made its way through all stages of research and development and, finally, into the presentation of this system to the military.

This technology is based on the abilities of modern Tractor systems to stretch out a drive field to capture other crafts. But that is only half the story. In fact, it is the result of an accident while trying to reduce the standard Tractor system in size. During the event of this accident the test system produced a handful of independent drive field bubbles. While they not last long – only a few milliseconds – they were able to travel a few dozens of meters, causing havoc to the test installation. Luckily the installation was far away from civil installations, so the lost in lives were limited to a handful of scientists.

The final result of the research produced a system which is able to produce scores of independent, short lived drive field bubbles. If shot at an incoming LRW salvo, or small craft, like fighters or gunboats, these bubbles have a fairly good chance of hitting the drive fields of the inbounds. While these bubbles are not strong enough to actually destroy something like a small craft, they are strong enough to cause an overload in the drive system of a small craft or missile, rendering those disabled and no further threat.

SSPd.01 Interception
SSPd will intercept an inbound if a 1d10 roll is equal or lower than the intercept number of the system. Higher generations of systems allow them to work together. Each additional system increases the interception number by +1. Like EDM this system is used when an inbound volley is detected and only one intercept try is allowed per volley. The order of intercept is: EDM, SSPd, normal point defense. LRW ECM has no effect on the interception number.

Code: Select all
SL         Code        Cost         Space          Notes
h20c       SSPda       100           10            intercepts at 2
h25c       SSPdb       150           10            intercepts at 2, additional 1
h30c       SSPde       200           14            intercepts at 3
h35c       SSPdi       200           10            intercepts at 2, additional 2
h40c       SSPdm       250           7             intercepts at 3, additional 1
h45c       SSPdn       300           9             intercepts at 3, additional 2
h50c       SSPdo       350           7             intercepts at 3, additional 2

Base Anti-Squadron Value
Short    Mid        Long     Gen Inc
23        19         12         +3

PS: Permission granted to rework this text orthographically. ;)
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Re: ULTRA Mini-Contest #5: Apr 17 to May 1

Postby Cralis on Thu 28 Apr 2011 16:10

Wow, Club is going to bury EVERYONE with this contest alone... I know that a LOT of you have talked about advanced technology. Krenshala is right... we ALL have lists of dozens of tech we'd like to add. Only 3.5 days left until this closes!
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Re: ULTRA Mini-Contest #5: Apr 17 to May 1

Postby dazrand on Fri 29 Apr 2011 05:25

Graviton Shield Enhancers (Sg#)
By coupling powerful gravity control mechanisms with the tremendous power output of antimatter generators it was possible to manipulate existing shield bubbles to create higher density shielding at specific impact points for short periods of time.

Graviton Shield Enhancers (Sg) increase the damage it takes to destroy a single shield by one for each generation of Sg (i.e., Sg3 makes a Sd take 6 DP to destroy). Each Sg may boost shields for a single salvo per turn. The Sg does not affect skipping resistance or regeneration.

Sg are antimatter systems and are subject to [xxx]. They may be placed anywhere on the control sheet and there is no mounting limit. An Sg may only affect the shields mounted on the same unit.

Branch comes from base S tree and requires antimatter and (Gt) engines to open. Opens with an {h} at SL32 [This could open as low as SL25 or so by physics alone].
Code: Select all
SL      Code     Cost     Space
32{h}   {h} Sg1    670      3
{c}35 --no item--
38     {h} Sg2    940       4
{c}41 --no item--
{k}44  {h} Sg3    1210      5
{c}47 --no item--
50     {h} Sg4     1480     6
{c}53 --no item--
{k}56  {h} Sg5     1750     7
{c}59 --no item--
62     {h} Sg6     2020     8
{c}65 --no item--
{k}68  {h} Sg7    2290      9
{c}71 --no item--
{k}74  {h} Sg8    2560     10
{c}77 --no item--
{k}80  {h} Sg9    2830     11
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