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ULTRA Mini-Contest Rules

PostPosted: Tue 15 Mar 2011 18:17
by Cralis
After a review with Marvin, we've decided to make the contest much more interesting. On top of it, I forgot to add some text that Marvin needs for business reasons. So the following is the revised rules for the contests.

Re: ULTRA Mini-Contest Rules

PostPosted: Mon 21 Mar 2011 03:14
by Cralis
Due to a change of the release date by Baen Books, our planned series of mini-contests will now run beyond the release of the book. Not sure whether that is good or bad, but it is what it is.

From March until the release of the new ULTRA rules, we are going to have a series of mini-contests related to the various parts of ULTRA. The end result? Everyone who puts in an entry to any contest will gain "tickets" towards a drawing at the end of the contests. The prizes to be drawn for are:
(2) Ultimate ULTRA CDs with the next version of ULTRA
(2) Admiral's Challenge CDs
(2) Shipyard CDs

In addition, the single person who accumulates the most number of tickets will be the grand winner and receive (1) Ultimate ULTRA CD with the next version of ULTRA.

Rule 1. Mini-contests will be posted on Sunday and will run for 2 weeks. The SDS will review the entries and select the winners, and assign new tickets within 72 hours.
Rule 2. Mini contest entries will be posted in this forum, on the contest topic thread.
Rule 3. Any registered member of the board can make an entry.
Rule 4. There are no fees or requirements in order to participate.
Rule 5. Prizes will be announced with the announcement of the mini-contest.
Rule 6. Marvin Lamb and the SDS members (and their families) will not be allowed to compete in these contests.
Rule 7. Entries must be in English.
Rule 8. Entries must be original. Entries based on material that has already been officially or unofficially written for STARFIRE or a STARFIRE campaign may be disallowed. We want to see NEW entries
Rule 9. Entries will be judged by the SDS and announced within 72 hours of the contest closing.
Rule 10. The SDS reserves the right to reject any submission on any grounds. Inappropriate entries or those that belong to a copyrighted movie, novel, or gaming system will be automatically rejected.
Rule 11. Each person can only win a single prize.
Rule 12. Prizes will be drawn from the most expensive to the least expensive. SDS reserves the right to substitude more valuable prizes.

To enter into the contest just post your submission into the forum topic for the actual contest. There is no limit to the number of submissions you make, but please try and put only one submission per message. Posts that are not entries will be allowed within 24 hours, and actual entries to the contest will be made visible at the end of the contest.

In the contests forum there will be a thread with the total ticket counts for the mini-contests. There you can see the current ticket counts for every participant, and which contests have concluded, are on-going, and any contests that are announced prior to their start date.

Tickets will be awarded in the following ways:

Each player may enter a contest multiple times. For the best ticket that an individual enters, that player recieves the following:
* For entering a contest = 1 ticket
* If the submission is off topic for the contest, but is judged to be interesting (well thought out, detailed, and/or reserved for use in publication, etc.) = 2 tickets total
* If the submission qualifies for the contest (on topic, etc.) = 2 tickets total
* If the submission is judged (by SDS) to be good (on topic, well thought out, detailed, and/or reserved for use in publication, etc.) = 4 tickets total
* If the submission is the winner of the contest = 8 tickets total. Any ties will win all 8 tickets for each.

* For each additional entry that is on topic, +1 ticket.
* For each additional entry that is judged to be good, +2 tickets total

On the day before the release of the new version of ULTRA the SDS will count up all the tickets and randomly assign a ticket value to each. Then we will randomly select a ticket for each prize. The winners will be announced on the day the new version of ULTRA is released.


By entering this contest each person consents to the use, reproduction, and publication of their submission by the SDS for use with STARFIRE gaming system. In addition, each person consents to the same for their name and prize information to be used, without compensation, in any advertising, publicity, promotion, news, or information purposes. Any use of the submitted material will be properly credited in the source material. By entering the contest each person agrees to abide by the contest rules and acknowledges that the SDS is not responsible for damages, costs, demands, claims, or losses of any kind made in connection with, in respect, or arising out of this contest or the prizes, or in connection with the development or use of the submissions.

The chances of winning depend upon the total number of tickets awarded for submissions.

The contest rules are subject to change without notice for any reason. If for any reason the contest is not capable of running as planned, or the security, integrity, or proper conduct of this contest is corrupted or adversely affected, the SDS reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend the contest.

Re: ULTRA Mini-Contest Rules

PostPosted: Sun 27 Mar 2011 18:42
by Cralis
As a result of the 2-week contest length the current contest will be extended for one more week, even as I am adding the second contest today.

All ticket awards will apply to ALL entries in the current contest, even the one I accidentally made visible Club :)