Britain’s ‘Dragonfire’ ship laser gun to get accuracy boost

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Britain’s ‘Dragonfire’ ship laser gun to get accuracy boost

Postby southwestforests on Thu 18 Mar 2021 01:44

Well, it isn't up to Starfire weapon level yet, but ...

Britain’s ‘Dragonfire’ ship laser gun to get accuracy boost
Tom Kington
2 days ago ... acy-boost/
ROME – A ship-borne laser weapon being developed for the U.K. is edging closer to achieving pinpoint accuracy, and it is all being done with mirrors.
“Beam director technology can sometimes be overshadowed by the system’s multi-kilowatt laser source, however, it is critical to the overall system because it facilitates the ultra-precise tracking and pointing accuracy required to generate a damage effect,” Andrew Sijan, Leonardo’s head of advanced targeting campaigns told Defense News.
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