Seeking game

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Seeking game

Postby Antares on Mon 05 Jul 2021 19:58

We have gotten pretty good at using Google Docs and the workbooks that already exist for processing Solar game turns in a couple of relatively short-lived campaigns... and I would like to see whether there is any interest in running or playing a SSF game that way in the near future.

I am open to using a standard setup, or some kind of alternate setup (for example, a higher EL game with a larger empire to start, or whatever).

I have already tried to run one of these games, and have decided that I am unable to do it unless all players have MS Office and can access/use GDocs... but am still kind of leery of trying to run another... I just don't feel organized enough to do so.

I also would consider playing without an SM somehow... pregenerated map that all players have, but contents not known, or somesuch... if that sort of a thing can be worked out.

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