Cold-Gaseous/Neptunian Race questions

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Cold-Gaseous/Neptunian Race questions

Postby TLR on Fri 24 Jul 2020 11:18

GG5.06.8 Cold Gaseous Life states:
Unlike their cousins, cold-floaters strain and form crystalline materials since metals are so rare on I worlds. Crystalline hulls [AppAA-Con.05] are available from EL1 and can be grown using ground construction only on I worlds (ignoring [AppAA-Con.05.2.2] only for I worlds). Cold-floaters, however, are limited to the construction of non-crystalline hulls only for freighters until EL4, where they can begin to build regular hulls.

This has several implications that conflict with the general Crystalline Hull rules (Con.05 Crystalline Hulls (Optional), (Special)). In particular, since the hulls are built on the ground on a (frozen) Gas-Giant planet, they obviously must be exempt from the "vulnerable to gravity" rule. Also, they never get off the ground into space, unless they are exempt from the "Cannot use (AC)" rule. Given both these considerations, I would assume that they are eventually capable of mounting and using Gt drives.

A question about Crystaline Hulls (Neptunian or not):
Crystalline hulls are exceptionally strong and it takes 3 points of damage to destroy one internal system (FRD).

Does this mean that a unit of Armor (A) and a Hold (H) both take 3 damage-points to destroy, and anything less is "bounced" (ignored)? How does this affect calculating damage to Shields (S)?

A question about Racial Compatibility:
Cold-Gaseous races are not specifically addressed in the Racial-Compatibility tables. Nor, as far as I can tell, are they ever generated as NPR. Should I just used the general Gaseous Race rules?

I suggest the following Racial Compatibilities for Neptunians:
Cryophilic:Comp; Extremophilic:Neut; Gaseous:Comp; Neptunian:Comp; Venusian:Neut; Terran:Opp; Super-Terran:Opp; Thermophilic:Opp.
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