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Multi-Role Auxiliary

PostPosted: Sat 26 Dec 2020 16:08
by Zume
FT9 AM2 13 XO Racks 130 Hull Prefab transport hull TL 8
44 RCP 6 MCP Trg: 1 Bmp +4 Temp -2 Cost = 1727mc/129.6mc
HTK 99 S0 x 8 Ai x 8 Dz x 2 Dc x 1 HET x 1 Ti x 2 C x 1 mg x 1 1 pinnace 3 shuttles 2 cutters
Can carry up to 150 personnel points or 9 PCF-x or 9 PCF-xa.
Cargo hold chain can carry up to 130 spaces worth of prefabricated parts.

Had this design in my files for years. It can serve as a fleet supply ship, prefabricated parts transport and tug (it has enough combined engine power to tow another FT9 or DN at a speed of 3). It has enough carrying capacity to hold the crew of a BS4 or carry troops. Two shuttles and both cutters can be swapped out for three anti-fighter small craft. I gave it a HET laser so that if engaged by enemy ships it can inflict meaningful, lasting damage when in range. The magazine services the ship's external racks.