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Empires and New Empires Maps

PostPosted: Tue 26 May 2020 15:35
by SwordlordRoy
I will freely admit that I am something of a young 'un here (1st edition came out when my dad was in College and my mom was still in high school), but I did discover the PDFs on Wargames Vault and am contemplating starting a solo game of Starfire III: Empires.

The problem I'm finding (aside from needing to get counters and a map, which I have solutions to) is the absence of the System Map for Starfire III. I did fortunately find a review which included the maps and it does look as if my stopgap solution of using a Traveller sub-sector map with the occasional world pencilled in should work and arguably be infinitely expandable. Still, I'd like to get some input on what the more experienced Star Lords would do for not only Empires, but New Empires as well.

Re: Empires and New Empires Maps

PostPosted: Wed 27 May 2020 12:06
by Skarn
I've used MapTool to create system maps for both 1E and 2E, along with ships from the token font that aramis posted elsewhere on the forums.

Although progress has stalled (my fault, not SDS), I'm hoping to eventually get my MapTool frameworks, and the PNG tokens I created from aramis' font posted to the download forum.

Re: Empires and New Empires Maps

PostPosted: Thu 28 May 2020 03:40
by Cralis
Most players I know just map them out by hand. Part of the problem is that if you do random warp point linking then there is no way to guarantee you aren't going to have warp links that double-back across each other.

That said, I recently picked up Profantasy mapping software through Humble Bundle. They have a program to create fancy star maps and planetary maps and I'm thinking about picking it up to try it.

Re: Empires and New Empires Maps

PostPosted: Sat 25 Jul 2020 12:05
by TLR
Profantasy's mapping tools are great, but generally not trivial to use.
On the other hand, they are basically a suite of macros laid atop a CAD program, and you can write/add your own macros. For somebody willing to RTFM and do a little light programming, you can draw almost anything - and hex overlay-grids are built in.

Re: Empires and New Empires Maps

PostPosted: Sun 26 Jul 2020 21:11
by PracticalM
For mapping the galaxy I found OmniGraffle to be really effective as you can build the map using the output of the universe generation tool I built.

Graphviz is a free version that also works. There maybe newer free systems.

The system I use is a link list where you have system numbers with an arrow to another system number.
1 -> 3
1 -> 5
2 -> 35
2 -> 4

If you have all the links mapped like this you can build a map. There are ways to code the links too that I never got around to doing so you can know if it is an open, closed, hidden, etc wp