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Re: Rating a Scenario

PostPosted: Thu 31 Oct 2019 23:50
by voidstalker[woe]
Cralis wrote:Ah, we don't have official rules for that. I was thinking that maybe you were trying to describe the difference between a game purely on a tactical map and one that was played through-out a whole star system (like how Stars At War has whole-system scenarios).
More limited in scope even than that, I'm afraid.

I was thinking more along the lines of, 'raid on planet such and such', and then Defense of planet such and such's shipyards, rebuild, and counter attack' kinda thing. It's possible that several groups of tactical battles could be part of a greater whole, but if I were going to work on something like that, I'd want to get a massive amount of background information out there, to generate interest in seeing how all the special rules/victory conditions could be used to make for a fun and challenging backstory. My main interest is in getting some early history of a space faring races trials and tribulations down on paper, as it were, and thus backing up such with playable scenarios, before moving on to grander and grander scales.