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Re: Crazy Experiment

Postby aramis on Mon 14 Jan 2013 03:39

Szurkey: sounds a lot like John Ringo's "Looking Glass" series.

Also hints vaguely of Star Frontiers, but then so does the Looking Glass series. FTL without FTL drives.
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Re: Crazy Experiment

Postby szurkey on Tue 18 Feb 2014 04:32

For those who are interested in what happened, the campaign died because one of the two players dropped out after about 20 turns. Can you play on an open strategic map, yes!

Colonization is much more expensive, so your economy grows slower. You will use a lot more H and Qv for colonization because of the longer shipping times, and if you play with the PCM modifier starting at 0.2, than you will have to build more freighters and liners than your CFN allows for full income, but that is not really a problem, because if you keep the excess capacity rented every turn, you still get full income from them and the benefit of releasing them at their destination so they magically reappear at your home world ready ship more colonists away.

You will have to invest in defenses for your planets, otherwise it is too easy to for light raiding force to devastate your economy. I'm a big fan of Asteroid Forts.
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