SM2 NPR Population Question

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SM2 NPR Population Question

Postby Caplin on Mon 27 Mar 2017 13:56

Edit: Upon thinking about it some more, I conclude it has to be applied to the PU value. Subtracting 50 from the die roll doesn't make much sense.

Hi All,

I ran into an Ind-1 NPR in my game today, and I wanted to confirm how rule 14.02.02B is supposed to work. I roll on that table, but am uncertain if I subtract the Ind-1 modifier from the die roll before using the formula, or from the final PU count. If I do it from the roll, i could end up with a negative number for population size, which looks weird. If I do it from the PU count, I can end up with large IND-1 populations.

I just wanted to check which reading was intended :) Thanks for any clarification.
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