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Thank you for your purchase! STARFIRE has a strong history that spans over 30 years, and with the new release of SOLAR STARFIRE and the History of the Terran Solar Union, we are committed to keeping STARFIRE strong. If you have any questions or trouble please email to Below you will find information and instructions for specific STARFIRE products. These notices will change over time as we extend our e-commerce services and develop better delivery solutions.

STARFIRE Community Forums

If you haven't seen the STARFIRE Forums, then you should take a look. There you can find the developers of STARFIRE and hundreds of players who take an active interest in supporting the game, discussiong tactics and strategies, and even posting stories based upon their campaigns. There is a wealth of information available in the forums.

Starting near the end of 2011, Chinese and Russian spambot networks have targeted our forums. We are in the process of upgrading our website and forums, and until that happens we have turned off auto-registration. Please contact me at and request registration. For the quickest turn around, please include the forum name and email address you want us to register with. We will respond as quickly as possible with your registration information.

Digital Documents

Digital documents are now handled by our online downloading system. Immediately after completing your order, you should be taken to a download page where links for your products will immediately be available. You may also receive an email with the same links. If you do not reach the downloads links or you need to download the files after the 24 hour expiration, please email and ask. We will allow re-downloads for up to 1 year after purchase.

Solar Starfire

Current Version is 6.02, released in June 2013

The digital version of Solar Starfire comes as a single document ready for viewing and/or printing. Since this is a new release, we have only just started adding files in the download section, have started a new Solar Starfire Sub-Forum, and will put any new links or information on our Solar Starfire Page.

Ultra Starfire

Current Version is 4-2009 (April 2009)

The digital version of Ultra Starfire comes in a zip with a separate PDF for each rules section.

Using the new files

New Changes in version 4-2009

WP generation of Top Secret WPs clarified
A number of things clarified and few actual changes. is able to handle Ultra campaigns now. It is currently free and is far better than using paper. However, it may be moving to a subscription service in the future. uses a computer run battle resolver of custom design. In this sort of resolver, the computer handles both sides of the combat. You can check out the work being done at

Other ULTRA developments

There are several other ULTRA developments. There are spreadsheets and cheat sheets available on the Downloads Page for all versions of STARFIRE. There are also several player-made utilities to help with generating star systems. There are other fan-based developments ongoing, and it is the goal of the STARFIRE DESIGN STUDIO to eventually build software utilities and services for ULTRA STARFIRE.

Final Notes

Suggestions and comments are welcome. If you think a link from a certain rule to another rule would be helpful, or if you have any questions at all, you are invited to join us on the Starfire Community Forum. There are hundreds of players who post ideas, discuss tactics, and even share stories from their games.

If you have not received the file within 1 week of ordering, it is highly likely that your E-mail address is incapable of handling a roughly 8.5 MB zip file. Check with your provider to see if that is the case. Either asked them to increase the size of your mailbox/maximum file size download, or find another e-mail address that can handle that size. Yahoo and Gmail accounts work fine and are free.

GSF / ELITE / ULTRA Shipyard


First download the shareware version of Shipyard and install it. Download it from This contains the shareware version of the GSF shipyard installation program. You do not need if you are installing the registered patch.

If you have purchased Shipyard you will receive the "registered" version 108. The zip file will contain the shareware version, the registration files, and the OCX files needed to run the application


Included inside the downloaded zip file are three patches for different versions of Starfire. The patches should be installed in the following order, up to the version of Starfire that you want to run shipyard: GSF Patch, Elite Patch, and the ULTRA Patch.


VERY IMPORTANT! If you received the patches via email, each patch contains an .exe file that MUST be renamed in order for the patch to work. For GSF and ELITE patches: rename SHIPYARD.exe.fixme to SHIPYARD.exe (caps matter). For the ULTRA patch: rename sy-ultra.exe.fix to sy-ultra.exe

If you purchased shipyard, in the download you will have received the patches in the zip file. These patches do NOT have any files to be renamed. NEVER rename the files in the file.


If there are problems you can ask for help through the SDS forum at

Please remember that this is an OLD application running Visual Basic 5 and as noted on the ordering page, we cannot guarantee that it will work with every computer.


The .exe file for the ULTRA version of shipyard changes to SY-ULTRA.exe. Double check all of your shortcuts to ensure that they point to the correct file. If you are missing OCX files (required for the program), try downloading them from Some installations may require the OCX files to be registered with Windows.

If you have problems

If the preceeding instructions do not solve your problems, contact us at or through our forum at In the forum you may also find players who have figured out how to install Shipyard on some of the newer computers, and may be able to give you advice on how to make it work on your computer. When contacting us, please include information about your computer processor, memory size, and operating system.

Questions? Problems?

If you have any questions or problems with your order, please contact us at or leave a message in the Starfire Community Forums. We recognize that as a small company our slower schedule for deliveries is sometimes inconvenient, and as we continue to evolve our online offerings that there are occasionally glitches. Please let us know immediately when you encounter a problem so we can solve it as quickly as possible.

Snail Mail Contact

Questions, comments, suggestions, and any expansion material for STARFIRE should be sent to Marvin Lamb at the STARFIRE DESIGN STUDIO address shown. All correspondence must include a stamped self-addressed envelope if you wish to receive an answer or evaluation of your submission. Your return envelope MUST bear enough postage to cover the return of your questions (about four pages to one first class stamp). Electronic Submissions to are strongly encouraged.

When sending questions, phrase each one so that it can be answered with a yes or no, a brief answer, or by circling one of several choices. Leave several blank lines after each question (not each group of questions). In order to better serve the player community, letters asking 10 or fewer questions are given priority and are answered in 4-6 days. Letters with more questions are answered only as time permits (allow 2-3 weeks). Please attempt to look up the answer yourself first. We will cheerfully answer questions about how the rules work, but cannot answer questions as to “WHY?” various things work the way that they do. However, the E-mail list will generally provide this information, in detail. All questions and answers will also go on the SDS Web site.

Congratulations on your purchase! We hope you enjoy STARFIRE as much as we do.

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