In the mid 1990's the Starfire Design Studio was created as a team of Starfire players interested in contributing to the future of Starfire. When Marvin Lamb purchased the rights to Starfire in 1997, he adopted the Starfire Design Studio name. Even while developing Galactic Starfire and Ultra Starfire, the SDS has continued to maintain a team of player contributors to keep Starfire grounded to the player base. Over the years Starfire has continued to evolve and even as it moves towards computerization and expansion - players will always be an integral part of the team.

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Current Starfire Design Studio Members

Marvin LambMarvin Lamb
The owner of the STARFIRE system and the Starfire Design Studio, Marvin saved STARFIRE from an untimely death with the demise of Task Force Games.

Under Marvin's guidance the Starfire Design Studio has released 3rd Edition Revised, Sky Marshal #2, ISW 4 supplement, Insurrection supplement, Galactic Starfire (4th edition), and Ultra Starfire (5th edition).
Marvin is Starfire on the Starfire Community Board.
Fred Burton
An 'old timer' in the STARFIRE tradition, Fred was an associate of David Weber during the 2nd and 3rd editions of STARFIRE. Fred has the distinction of being the original creator of the Star Union.

Fred is working on COSMIC STARFIRE: a complete rebuild of the 3rd edition of STARFIRE. Fred is also working on a part of the 3rd edition history that remains an untold story- the Star Union's first deadly encounter with the bugs, known as the First Crucian-Arachnid War.
Fred is Crucis on the Starfire Community Board.
Marvin Lamb Matthew Olson
A STARFIRE contributor for more than 14 years and member of the Starfire Design Studio for 4 years, Matthew was part of the production and development of GALACTIC STARFIRE. After a brief stint in the Marine Corps, he has returned to STARFIRE development and is currently working on new source material for ULTRA STARFIRE.
Matthew is Cralis on the Starfire Community Board.
Larry Robinson Larry Robinson
A long-time STARFIRE player and playtester, Larry has time and again demonstrated a unique insight to the game. Currently in deep fascination with the J'Rill, Larry is using his web-foo and computerization skills to benefit the new website and the STARFIRE community, and has been sucked into secret galactic negotiations with the machine races of the universe.

<--- Larry's evil cat has subverted his photographic debut. As soon as Larry can beat him at chess he promises he'll let him put up his own photograph.
Larry is Krenshala on the Starfire Community Board.

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